AllDebrid – What Does It Do? Easy-to-Use Premium Link Generator For Kodi & Torrent Downloader

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Any android streaming app and Kodi is great for you if you aspire to bring hundreds and thousands of movies, TV shows, and TV channels to your home.

Once you install Kodi on firestick, you can use streaming addons and enjoy the latest shows for free.

Moreover, you can also download files of your favorite shows from the downloader and watch them offline.

However, some problems like slow connection, dead links, and low-quality content can interrupt your viewing experience using addons on Kodi.

But, some companies have noticed these problems and are determined to solve these problems. These companies are premium link generators and aim to provide you with the best links from most of the hosting providers all over the world.

AllDebrid is a premium link generator that can be combined with Kodi addons and torrent clients to stream and download 4K and 1080P high-quality content with zero-buffering.

When you use AllDebrid with your favorite Kodi Addons or third-party firestick applications – you can stream 4K content with zero-buffering while skipping over all of the dead & slow links.

However, when using AllDebrid with Kodi on the Fire TV Stick or other devices – you need to always make sure to use a good VPN.

The reason for this is that you may accidentally get a link with malicious content or copyrighted content – so you always want to protect your personal data and remain completely anonymous.

Here is how to protect yourself with IPVanish VPN on the Fire TV Stick before using AllDebrid.

Step 1: Go to the Home Screen on your firestick


Step 2: Go to Find and then click on the Search button. Search for IPVanish VPN


Step 3: Click Download to download and install IPVanish VPN

Step 4: Click on Open to open IPVanish VPN

Step 5: Click here to get your IPVanish VPN username & password

Once you select a plan and create your account you will get an activation link sent to your email address. Click on that link sent to your email to activate your account.

Once your account is activated, enter your username and password on your firestick in the IPVanish VPN app to login.

Step 6: Once you login it IPVanish VPN, click on Country then select from any of the 75+ countries you want to appear in.

Step 7: Now that you selected the country server that you want to connect to, select Connect then OK to connect to that country’s VPN server. This will connect you to the fastest server automatically.

Congratulations! You are now completely anonymous and protected so you can stream and download safely with AllDebrid.

You can use IPVanish VPN on unlimited devices as well, so you are now protected and setup to use AllDebrid.


Most Kodi users get frustrated by the low-quality content, countless dead links, and extremely slow streams with buffering. Many torrent users get frustrated also with low-quality content, hidden viruses, lack of download links and throttled download speeds. This is where AllDebrid comes to play. You just need to add this in your firestick or to your computer through their browser plugin to see the magic.

What AllDebrid offers?

AllDebrid aims to provide you with the top quality links from the best hosting providers of the world. So just add this to your Kodi Addons or use AllDebrid on many of the apps in your firestick. Moreover, AllDebrid also supports a lot of streams and hosts to provide you with top quality links with your android streaming apps or Kodi application.

AllDebrid provides you with many other services like:

  • Provides more than 70 hosters servers
  • Supports more than 900 streams which means that you can directly access live TV streams
  • Offers a free 7-day trial of its services
  • Provides Happy Hour services in which free users can also experience higher speeds at the non peak time of the day
  • AllDebrid offers high download speed for its online users by preventing its server from having more than 50% load
  • Compatible Firefox and Chrome links
  • Makes your downloads invincible to the ISP as it uses HTTPS while downloading
  • AllDebrid can be highly configured
  • Provides one-click streaming service from a selected video player
  • Offers direct playing with magnet links
  • Offers a lot of addons and tools
  • Extraordinary downloading speeds

How to Sign Up for AllDebrid?

You can easily sign up for AllDebrid by clicking below.

AllDebrid also offers a free 7-day trial of its services. In this trial pack, you can get high speeds during happy hours or the non-peak time of the day.

Other than this, AllDebrid offers 3 one time payment methods:

  • 30 days: 3.99 Euros
  • 90 days: 8.99 Euros
  • 180 days: 15.99 Euros per month

Moreover, the payment is flexible and you can pay with any type of payment method. These payment methods include Bitcoin, Credit Card or Amazon Pay.

AllDebrid is a legal software just like Kodi. Moreover, AllDebrid also uses completely legal file providers. However, AllDebrid's disclaimer says that it is not responsible if you download anything that is completely illegal. In addition to this, AllDebrid cannot inspect each download link that the users provide online as a hosting services provider. You should make sure to only use AllDebrid access content such as movies on the Public Domain.

Moreover, AllDebrid also faces greater security measures and inspections than its competitors as AllDebrid is based in France. Despite this, AllDebrid has been operating successfully since 2011. Moreover, AllDebrid has also gained a huge amount of trust in these years with the safety of its links.

How Do I Use It?

AllDebrid provides a free option of trying its services for a limited amount of time. Moreover, it also offers more time in its trial period than any other competitor. Therefore, you can try it’s services before buying it’s subscription. By this you can decide if you want the service of AllDebrid or not.

Moreover, AllDebrid offers a monthly package of only 4 Euros, so it is worth giving a shot. However, you have to check whether AllDebrid is compatible with your device or not.

Sign-up for your 7-day free-trial to get started with AllDebrid. Once you have your login credentials, you are good to go to add it to your firestick or computer.

If you want to use AllDebrid in your web browser, then you can download the plugin. Moreover, you can also synchronize the account with the Kodi or almost any Android TV App.

However, you should follow the user manual while synchronizing the premium account, as each application has its unique setup process. But given below are the steps that you should take while setting up AllDebrid on Kodi:

  1. Create an AllDebrid premium account.
  2. Have Kodi add-on like The Crew pre-installed
  3. Launch the Kodi add-on
  4. Go to Tools
  5. Go to ResolveURL: Settings
  6. Go to the Universal Resolvers tab
  7. Find the AllDebrid section from the list
  8. Go to (Re)Authorize My Account
  9. An authorization code will be generated. Go to on your phone or computer to authorize your device.
  10. You are all set! Now when you search for movies on the Public Domain, you will see premium links generated.

WARNING: Only use AllDebrid and third-party Kodi Addons to access content that you have the legal rights to such as content on the Public Domain.

Alternatives of AllDebrid

One of the best alternatives for AllDebrid is Real Debrid. Moreover, Real Debrid can let you access more than 50 hosting providers. Real Debrid doesn't have a demand for a lot of streaming channels as Real Debrid offers fewer providers.

Another alternative to AllDebrid is Premiumize; however, it is an expensive alternative. The yearly plan of Premiumize will be 5 times more expensive than AllDebrid. However, the user who wants to take most from their torrent provider will love Premiumize. This is because you can download upto 1TB of content with the help of Premiumize, and this is way out of the reach of other competitors.

However, for the normal users who only want a quality, user-friendly interface and quick links, Real Debrid is the best alternative for AllDebrid.

This is because Real Debrid offers the same functionality as AllDebrid at similar subscription prices.

It's recommended to install an active and high-quality VPN like IPVanish VPN on your device. This will help in keeping your connection anonymous and encrypted. Moreover, this will also ensure the safety of your IP address.

Is AllDebrid Worth It?

AllDebrid supports a lot of add-ons and offers great assistance. Moreover, AllDebrid set an industry standard and has been there in the industry since 2011. However, AllDebrid is not as popular as Premiumize or Real Debrid.

Real Debrid and Premiumize are popular among customers because they provide excellent customer service. Whereas, AllDebrid is not that good when it comes to the department of customer service. Moreover, AllDebrid is also not compatible with a lot of add-ons if we compare it with Premiumize or Real Debrid. You can pick other alternatives like Real Debrid if you want more premiumness and high service quality. However, you cannot really complain if you consider the pricing at which AllDebrid offers its service to you. Moreover, AllDebrid also offers money back guarantee so it's safe to give it a go.

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