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Television has been considered the best mode of entertainment for a very long time. Its history dates back to the early 1920 and is owned by almost all houses worldwide. Not only is this affordable, but also very easily accessible. All you need is a cable connection or a service that can render you with your choice of TV channels.

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Gone are the days when people used to have big rabbit ear antennas in their house. Now people have shifted to Digital TV Antennas. There are varied advantages and improved features; that's why the trend of Digital Antennas is on the rise. It is also very economical and offers you a variety of free broadcast channels along with Live tv.

There are differences between traditional cable TV and Digital TV Antennas. The major advantage of Digital TV is that it does not require you to pay a monthly subscription fee like in the case of Dish TVs.

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What is a Digital TV Antenna?

Digital TV Antenna works differently as compared to the rabbit ear antenna. It works on the mechanism of converting electromagnetic signals into a watchable format, that is, video and audio format. It allows you to cut your cables and get access to your favorite channels and shows without paying monthly fees. Nobody would want to buy those old-fashioned rabbit ear antennas that have gone out of style and which were most probably prevalent in your grandma's time. So, it is important for you to be equipped with some basic information about Digital TV Antennas as it is the present and future.

OTA Digital Antennas are specifically designed to catch the broadcast signals from the TV networks and provide high-definition video. Although you do not have to pay for the monthly subscription fees, there are chances that the TV Antenna device (collection of wires and metal elements) will cost you a substantial amount. Many brands in the market are offering these antennas, and choosing the best one can be a burdensome task. We will provide you with some clarity that will help you make a wise decision.

What Channels Can I Get With One?

Digital TV Antennas lets you watch your favorite channels and pick up the extra local channels in your area. The various channels that you can access with Digital TV Antennas include ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC, PBS affiliates, and independent stations.

However, there are different stations and channels available depending upon the city or area you are residing in. For instance, in Amsterdam, you can get access to stations like ION, Qubo, Shop, QBC, whereas if you are residing in San Diego, CA, the available stations include KGTV-HD, MeTV, LAFF, ESCAPE, and many more. So, the availability of stations and channels varies depending on your region.

Things To Consider While Buying A Digital TV Antennas

  • Price: The main reason for choosing Digital Antennas can be many, but getting free from the monthly subscription fee always tops the list. Who would not want to cut down their expenditure and go for these budget-friendly alternative Digital TV Antennas? These Antennas require a one-time cost, and then you can go on watching your favorite networks and channels for a lifetime at no extra cost.

However, the cost of Digital Antennas varies depending on various factors, including the tv reception range, channels, design, and brand. We recommend you make a budget and look for the Antenna that fits the best according to your budget and needs. Generally, the best indoor and single TV antennas cost lower than outdoor and attic antennas. The cost of single TV antennas ranges between $10 and $40, whereas outdoor and attic antennas range from $60 to $150.

  • Type: After you have made the final decision of buying a Digital Antenna for your home, the next thing to consider is the type that will be suitable. You will find three types of Antennas available in the market. You can choose the one that you find catering to all your needs and fits well.
  1. Indoor: Indoor HDTV antennas serve the purpose of connecting to a single smart TV and pulling in over-the-air programming. The installation process of these Antennas is very easy and requires no expertise as such. The main concern about these indoor Antennas is that they are suitable only in those areas which have broadcast towers nearby. So, if you live in rural areas or, as a matter of fact, anywhere that does not have broadcast towers in proximity, we do not recommend indoor digital antennas.

However, there are chances that you might feel disruptions in the connection or weak signal quality. You can improve these hurdles and get a strong signal by placing the digital Antenna near a window or mounting it high on a wall. People prefer outdoor HDTV antennas because the performance of indoor antennas is largely affected by the walls and the reflection of objects in the building.

  1. Attics: An Attic antenna is larger in size and is quite similar to outdoor tv antennas. The only difference is that you need to install the attic antennas in your attic and connect it to the home media wiring. Due to this reason, it requires full precautions and some prior knowledge if you want to install the antenna all by yourself. One of the major drawbacks is that the roof might act as an obstacle in the smooth watching experience.
  2. Outdoors: Most people who reside far from the areas having broadcast towers opt for these outdoor antennas. Usually, it offers hassle-free signals and clearer picture quality. A major concern about outdoor antennas is their installation. It requires you to go to the roof and fix the antenna there and then ground the wiring.
  • Amplified VS Non-Amplified: Digital TV amplifier works to enhance the signal. Non-amplified antennas perform very well to a certain mile range or distance. Commonly, non amplified antennas are used indoors as they can catch networks from all directions. Whereas a power cord is required to set up an amplified antenna, and it pulls in networks and signals from specific directions from a larger distance.
  • Directional VS Multi-Directional Antennas: Omnidirectional or multidirectional can catch signals from all directions. They do not focus on a specific or single transmitter. Because of this reason, the sign strength or the quality tends to be compromised. However, multidirectional antennas are advantageous because they offer connectivity in all directions and receive the radio frequency equally. When it comes to installing the omnidirectional digital tv antenna, it is an easier task as compared to the directional one. This is because you can fix it anywhere, and you do not have to worry much about it being able to catch signals in that particular space.

On the other hand, directional antennas provide a 45 to 90-degree radiation pattern. This helps in concentrating RF energy in a specific direction. Hence, directional antennas also help in limiting the connectivity to that certain area or direction. More noticeable features are that these antennas are very dependent on the availability of cellular towers, and it diminishes the interference from the other directions.

  • Reception Range: The reception range of the antenna will decide the channels that will be available to you. To choose the right or the most suitable reception range, you will have to figure out the broadcast towers in and around your area. Depending upon the miles they are located from the space you want to install the antenna in, you can make a wise decision. Usually, if you go for indoor antennas, they will have a shorter range when compared to outdoor antennas.

However, you can check the most suitable Antenna for your home and area by visiting AntennaWeb. It will help you to find the recommendation that will be accurate for you from CTA vendors with your address or ZIP code.

What Are the Best Digital TV Antennas?

Knowing about the various digital TV Antennas is essential before you make a choice. Who wouldn't want to go for the best one available in the market? We are here to help you and guide you to choose the top pick for you. Go through these widely chosen antennas listed below.

Gesobyte Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna Long 250 Miles Range: This is the best antenna overall for almost everyone. It gets up to 250 miles and is that standard flat model. You can put this almost anywhere or stick it to a window to get the most channels. The long cable allows you to try out different locations in the house and can get an impressive amount of channels. The installation is insanely easy and we've found that it is the best bang for your buck digital antenna by far.

Mohu Leaf Supreme Pro: If you are looking for Multidirectional and Dual-Band TV Antennas, this might be the perfect one for you. Mohu Leaf Supreme Pro has a range of a minimum of 20 miles which extends a maximum to 65 miles. It comes with a 16 ft detachable coaxial cable and has an impedance of 75 Ohm. You are not required to have a satellite or cable subscription to watch free HDTV for as long as you want. UHF/Hi-VHF multi-directional elements let you receive signals from either side as it is reversible.

Not only this, but it also has a decent outlook that will match any kind of decor in your home. The installation process is also very easy, and all the elements required for it (coaxial cable, push pins, hooks, and loop tabs) are included with it. It doesn't matter whether you dwell in cities, suburbs, rural homes; you won't regret choosing this Digital TV Antenna. Its price ranges around $90.

Winegard Elite 7550 Outdoor HDTV Antenna: This Antenna was first available in the market in 2017. In the list of best TV Antennas sellers, it is ranked 143. With more than 70 miles of range, you can watch free HD channels like ABC, CBS, PBS, Fox, Univision, and more. The antenna's performance is enhanced with the embedded ultra-low noise (1dB) digital amplifier.

Talking about the installation, you can install it on your roof or interior attic. The price range of this Antenna ranges from $150 to $199, depending upon the model you are choosing. The construction is considered to be somewhat loose and has a plastic roof mount, which can be considered as a disadvantage of Winegard Elite 7550 Outdoor HDTV Antenna.

Mohu Leaf Metro: Mohu Leaf Metro has a range of 25 miles, so it can capture TV signals which are 25 miles away from the broadcast towers. It has a 10 ft detachable coaxial cable, push pins, and hooks, and loop tabs which will make the installation process easier for you. The most significant advantage of this antenna is its less space consumption. Although it is very small in size, it does not compromise the signal strength. A major drawback of the Mohu Leaf Metro Antenna is its constricted range and limited channel availability.

Antop AT-800SBS HD Smart Panel Antenna: Antop AT-800SBS HD Smart Panel Antenna was first available in the market in 2019 and now gained 282 ranks in Best TV Antennas sellers. It weighs 11.5 pounds and comes with a dialer that allows you to adjust the antenna reception range from 0 to 85 miles as per the specific needs of your location. It also saves you the monthly subscription or the cable fees to watch your desired sports or local news channels. You can enjoy stable channel reception and clear picture quality with the 4G LTE Filter. This Antenna is available at a price of around $180 in the market. However, the price is a good reason to avoid buying this Antenna.

ClearStream MAX-V HDTV Antenna: Antennas Direct launched ClearStream MAX-V HDTV Antenna in 2019. It has a maximum range of 60 miles and offers 51 channels with 1080p reception. The installation of this Antenna is very easy and compatible for indoors, outdoors, and attic. A coaxial and Mast cable is required for this purpose, which is not included with the HDTV Antenna. The major con of ClearStream MAX-V HDTV Antenna is that its outlook is not very pleasing and the exclusion of the necessary cables required for the installation process.

Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse 2: It is an expensive choice, but you will find it worth the price. The maximum range of Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse 2 is 50 miles and gives the best performance among the rest antennas in the category of flat amplified antennas. It ranks 71 in the best sellers TV antennas and has the easiest installation process as you can grip it to your walls or windows. It also provides you with the autonomy of repositioning it in order to get one of the best reception possible. The outlook and design of this antenna are distinctive, and this works as a potential reason to buy it.

Antop HD Smart Bar AT-500 SBS: Antop HD Smart Bar AT-500 SBS frees you from the hassles of paying monthly subscription fees to get access to various news, sports, and entertainment channels. Its maximum range is 80 miles, and you can adjust it through the in-built adjustment dial. It also has a built-in 4G LTE Filter that blocks 3G signals to provide you with a reception that is noise-free.

It comes with a price tag of $119, which is more than most of its alternatives. This hard plastic antenna is a very bulky device, and hiding it can be a difficult task. This feature is regarded as a major drawback along with its high price.

Winegard FlatWave Amped FL5500A: It is almost a paper-thin and flat device that offers a maximum range of 50 miles. This Antenna comes with an extra-long 18.5 ft Mini coaxial cable that leads to better quality and performance. You can get Winegard FlatWave Amped FL5500A by paying a price of $60. A major advantage of this HDTV Antenna is the outlook, as it blends with almost any home decor.

Channel Master Flatenna 35/Duo: The maximum reception range of this flexible HDTV Antenna is 35 miles, and it is omnidirectional; that is, it can receive a signal from any direction. You can enjoy free live digital TV networks like ABC, Fox, Univision with this Antenna. This device is paper-thin and has a reversible black and white finish when it comes to the outlook. You can place it anywhere in your home as it will match any theme or home decor. Along with this, you get a 1-year limited warranty also. From the official website of Channel Master, you can get this product by paying the price equalling $10. However, shipping charges might add to your cost.

AmazonBasics Ultra Thin Indoor TV Antenna: AmazonBasics made this Antenna available in the year 2016. Its range of reception from the broadcast towers is a maximum of 50 miles and lets you enjoy full HD channels, including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox. Along with being reversible with white and black sides, a major advantage of this Antenna is that you can paint and give it a more personal touch. It comes with a detachable 16 ft long coax cable and supports 1080 HD streaming.

U MUST HAVE Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna: U MUST HAVE Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna has the 2nd rank in the bestseller TV Antennas. With this Antenna, you can save substantial amounts by not paying subscription fees for full HD channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, PBC, Fox, and more. It has a maximum reception range of 250 miles and comes with a coaxial cable of length 18 ft and a USB Power Adapter. However, this cable is not detachable. You will get access to crisp picture quality as it supports 4K resolution. As soon as any channel gets available for broadcast, this digital TV Antenna will scan and make the channels available to you. You can get this TV Antenna at a price of around $25.

1byOne Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna: Digital Antennas spares you from paying huge amounts of money for cable or satellite subscription fees. You can get access to various channels of your choice for an unlimited time period without paying any monthly charges. Its outlook is very clean and sophisticated, and you can easily hide it. In addition to this, it is also very light, making it portable. You can mount it indoors on walls, tables, windows or lay it flat on any surface.

1byOne Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna comes with a detachable amplifier. So you have the autonomy to remove it if you want to have a better reception from the broadcast tower near to you. In order to pull in the channels and networks within the range of 50 miles, you can attach the amplifier. It also has a 10 ft long coax cable and 5ft long USB Cable included. You also get a 24-month warranty with it. All this comes with a price of around $30.

Antennas Direct Clearstream 4 Max: The Antennas Direct Clearstream 4 Max can receive signals from all directions, so you can easily get access to numerous local TV transmitters in varied directions. On both UHF and VHF, you can receive good reception with Antennas Direct Clearstream 4 Max. Although it comes with various large pieces, its construction is fairly simple. It has a reception range of 70 miles and can receive free TV from networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. You can purchase this Antenna at a price of around $150. However, a few negative points that are noticeable in this HDTV Antenna include the exclusion of a built-in signal amplifier and coaxial cable.

Mohu Curve 50 TV Antenna: It is a premium quality Antenna that is worth the price you have to pay for it. The outlook of the Mohu Curve 50 TV Antenna is attractive, unlike the rest of the long-range Antennas available in the market. You can place it anywhere you find it suitable as it matches almost any decor or theme of your home. The 16 ft long coax cable included with it makes it possible for you to place it far from the connection.

It also comes with a very long USB cable in order to provide you with full flexibility in plugging wherever you want to. You can expect a 1080p reception which comes with a maximum range of 50 miles. You can receive around 50 channels and all other features by paying a sum of $70. All in all, Mohu Curve 50 TV Antenna is the most stylish and effective Antenna.


Although there are many different digital antennas available in the market, you can easily choose the digital antenna that caters to all your needs. We here have tried to show you the best digital antennas that you can choose from. Still, if you want to know more about Digital TV Antennas, you can visit us at

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