25 Best Torrent Sites That Currently Work (Updated September 2021)

Best Torrent Sites

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Below you will find the list of the best working torrent sites in 2021.

These websites have been ranked based on the number of quality links, download speeds and the user interface.

Using these torrent websites will allow you to download movies, TV shows, games, music and more.

Once you know how to torrent you can look at the best torrent sites below to get your torrent files from.

When using these peer-to-peer websites, you will need to use them with a VPN (virtual private network) running in the background to hide your IP address and make your online identity completely anonymous on a zero-log server.

So before we show the best 25 torrent websites we will show you how to get easily setup with a zero-log VPN server before you start torrenting.

How to Torrent Safely with a Zero-Log VPN Server

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2.) Create a username and password for IPVanish VPN

3.) Login to IPVanish VPN with your username and password

4.) Connect to the VPN server before torrenting. You can also use the IPVanish Kill-Switch feature which makes it so you will never download files without being connected to the zero-log VPN server even if it disconnects.

Done! This is the simplest and easiest way way to protect yourself when you are downloading torrent files from these sites below.

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What's the Difference Between Public Torrent Sites & Private Torrent Sites?

There are two types of torrent websites‘public' and ‘private'.

The only major difference between these two are that Public torrent websites are free and Private torrent websites require a paid subscription.

Typically, Private torrent sites have better and higher quality links since you are paying for the service.

We have mentioned all the best torrent sites separated into the categories of Best Public Torrent Sites and Best Private Torrent Sites for your viewing.

When using these torrent sites always make sure to download content that you have the rights to or that is on the Public Domain.

Now let's see the official list of the Best Torrent Sites that you can use for torrenting.

Legal Copyright Disclaimer – Cord Cutters Anonymous does not verify the legal status of any website or service. It is the user's sole responsibility to ensure they are not downloading copyrighted content. We recommend only using these websites to access content that is freely available on the Public Domain or content you have the legal right to download. We do not condone piracy of any kind. We adhere to all valid DCMA takedown requests. Read our full disclaimer.

Attention Torrent Users!

Your government and Internet Service Provider can track your online activity. 

Currently, your identifying IP Address is visible to everyone which ties directly back to you through your Internet Service Provider.

We strongly recommend using the Best Torrenting VPN to mask your IP Address and encrypt your connection so you can stream torrent safely.

The best torrenting VPN is IPVanish VPN which is the fastest and most secure VPN available for torrent sites.

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Best Public Torrent Sites

The Pirate Bay

One of the older torrent sites in the list and widely used BitTorrent site, The Pirate Bay is an all-in-one package with all types of media content available on their server. It was ranked the best torrent website of 2018 and still has been able to maintain its position.

Best Torrent Sites

They have a simple user interface with a drop-down menu, and you can search all categories in one place. The best thing about the pirate bay is that even if the file you want to download is rare, it would have enough seeds to download it quickly. Although it also depends on the speed of your internet connection. Additionally, it has numerous options with most torrent content which makes it easy to say why it is the Best Torrent Sites.

  • Mirror Links – proxybay.xyz, pirateproxy.id, thepiratebay 10.org, tpb pirate proxy.org, baypirate.org
  • Visitors Per Month – 24 million
  • VPN Compatibility – Yes (IPVanish VPN)
  • Download Speed – 2.9 MB/s
  • Seeder/Leecher Ratio – 3091/424
  • Subjects –  apps, games, video, adult, audio
  • Torrent Type – public


Yet another Best Torrent Sites in this segment, RARBG, is a popular torrent site with numerous categories. Moreover, it has an easy-to-use UI and has a significant content library which helped it to reach the top of the list in 2021.

Best Torrent Sites

Moreover, it has a top 10 list that shows the current most downloaded files. It gives you the highest download speed. What makes it convenient is the ability to search files from several different categories at one time. You can filter out the options by ticking the checkboxes. 

  • Mirror Links – rarbg.to, rarbgto.org, rarbgtor.org, rarbgmirror.com, rarbgprx.org, rarbgunblock.com
  • Visitors Per Month – 57 million
  • VPN Compatibility – Yes (IPVanish VPN)
  • Download Speed – 1.9 MB/s
  • Seeder/Leecher Ratio – 298/22
  • Subjects – music, software, movies, games, adult, TV shows
  • Torrent Type – public


Also popular by the name YTS, this amazing site doesn't need any introduction as this has contributed a lot to the community. It was discovered in late 2010 and had been providing one of the best high-quality content ever since. It entirely focuses on movies with an eye-catchy layout. 

Best Torrent Sites

The UI is clean and admirable. YIFY was shut down in 2015, then YTS.am became its successor, and then after that, they did an excellent job in updating their content. They have more than twenty thousand movies in their library, and it's easy to find the content that you are looking for with the help of pictures. What makes it unique is the IMDb ratings and subtitles download ability.

  • Mirror Links – yts.pm, yts.unblock it.app, ww.yts.vc
  • Visitors Per Month – 33 million
  • VPN Compatibility – Yes (IPVanish VPN)
  • Download Speed – 1.3 MB/s
  • Seeder/Leecher Ratio – 2139/207
  • Subjects – movies, feature, films, TV shows
  • Torrent Type – public


1337X has got the unique name on the Best Torrent Sites List. It was discovered in 2007 and has got enormous content for everyone starting from movies, games, applications, anime, adult, documentaries, etc. 

Best Torrent Sites

1337X has become a good torrent site in recent years. It has started to gain more popularity after the infamous site KickAss torrents got banned. Its community is very large, and it continuously uploads the latest content and is very easy to use. It barely has any annoying ads and no deceptive buttons. They have different categories and filters to find the oscar-nominated movies and trending torrents.

  • Mirror Links – 1337x.to, 1337xto.to, 1337x.tw, 1337x.am, 1337x.st, 1337x.is, x1337x.eu, x1337x.se
  • Visitors Per Month – 71 million
  • VPN compatibility – Yes (IPVanish VPN)
  • Download Speed – 501 KB/s
  • Seeder/Leecher Ratio – 10,903/5,161
  • Subjects – applications, adult, anime, games, movies, music
  • Torrent Type – public

Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents needs no introduction as it's the true legend in the torrenting environment. Discovered in 2008, it has been able to maintain its position in the top torrenting sites for becoming the largest source of magnet links and torrent files.

Best Torrent Sites

Unfortunately, it was shut down due to piracy issues and copyrighted content and were forced to change their main domain. Since then, many other mirror sites keep coming every time the URL gets taken down. It still remains the Best Torrent Sites because of its efficiency and quick downloading abilities. Also, the new version of Kickass Torrents works amazingly well.

  • Mirror Links – kickass.onl, thekat.app, kickass-kat.com, kickasshydra.dev, kkat.net, kickass.com, katcr.co, kat.sx, kat.am, kickasstorrent.cr
  • Visitors Per Month – 7 million
  • VPN Compatibility – Yes (IPVanish VPN)
  • Download Speed – 3 MB/s
  • Seeder/Leecher Ratio – 13,101/9,035
  • Subjects – music, applications, movies, games, anime, etc.
  • Torrent Type – public


There's an old saying, ‘don't judge a book by its cover.' EZTV may not have modern looks, unlike other torrent sites, but it is one of the Best Torrent Sites that has been offering thousands of TV shows since its release in 2005. 

Best Torrent Sites

Even though it has no thematic collections, picture descriptions, movie ratings, reviews and is filled with ads and cluttered things, it still provides high-quality torrents with an extraordinary content library. 

Users are free to create an account to keep track of their downloaded files. Their community is very active and keeps updating the library as soon as new content is premiered. Moreover, they have a large number of seeders, and you see them in the table format given below, along with magnet linktorrent file link, leechers, and size of the file. EZTV entirely focuses on giving quality rather than quantity.

  • Mirror Links – eztv.ch, eztv.wf, eztv.tf, eztv.it, eztv.yteztv.unblocked.krd, eztv.unblockall.org 
  • Visitors Per Month – 28 million
  • VPN Compatibility – Yes (IPVanish VPN)
  • Download Speed – 4 MB/s
  • Seeder/Leecher Ratio – 30/4
  • Subjects – TV Shows, all episodes
  • Torrent Type – public


This is a torrent search engine that finds results from other torrent sites. It provides you a combination of results from multi-niche Best Torrent Sites and has more content available as compared to other sites on the list. 

Best Torrent Sites

However, you must do research before you visit this website since it shows you results just through the search query box, which makes it very inconvenient to use for many users. Its UI design is not as developed as the other top torrent sites, and most of the links are dangerous phishing sites.

But what makes it one of the favorite sites among the folks is its primitive, simple design and the ability to download files with torrent file links and magnet links easily.

  • Mirror Links – 2torrentz2eu.in, torrent.io, torrentz2.is, torrentz eu.org, 
  • Visitors Per Month – 20 million
  • VPN Compatibility – Yes (IPVanish VPN)
  • Download Speed – 1.9 MB/s
  • Seeder/Leecher Ratio – 162/64
  • Subjects – movies, episodes, TV SHows, games, music
  • Torrent Type – public


If you are a bookworm and finding ebooks, then your search stops here. Zooqle has many different features than others, and some of them are software torrent filesTV shows, movies, and much more.

Best Torrent Sites

Zooqle is a heaven for gamers as it hosts a wide array of cracked games. Even though it's a new torrent website, its popularity is steadily increasing and is compatible with devices like Android, Linux, Mac, Windows.

What makes it even more interesting is the ability to find your favorite content with the picture description and is very helpful in maneuvering throughout the site. Its widely popular among software and gaming enthusiasts because of its clutter-free downloads and zero buffering issues.

  • Mirror Links – zooqle.unblock ninja.com, zooqle.u4m.pw, zooqle.g2g.casa, zooqle.proxybit.cyou, zooqle.unblocked.krd, zooqle.bypassed.org, zooqle.unblocked.mx
  • Visitors Per Month – 8 million
  • VPN Compatibility – Yes (IPVanish VPN)
  • Download Speed – 4.2 MB/s
  • Seeder/Leecher Ratio – 3,000/361
  • Subjects – music, games, software, documentaries, books, movies, apps
  • Torrent Type – public


Now, this might look like a clone of another infamous torrent website TorrentDownloads. However, it has more things to offer. It has a good user-friendly design that lists the top 50 content of the Month. The downloading user experience is awesome, with one of the biggest databases of more than 9.8 million torrent files.

Best Torrent Sites

If you want to search for something specific, you can simply click on the category for inspiration. What really makes it stand out from the crowd is the ‘health bar,' which shows how reliable and healthy a torrent file. Moreover, this is helpful in determining the download speed. You can even provide feedback to the torrent files to say if they are good or bad. Doing this helps in the community contribution.

  • Mirror Links – limetor.pro, limetorrents.asia, limetor.com, limetor.club, limetorrents.info, limetorrents.zone, limetorrents.co
  • Visitors Per Month – 17 million
  • VPN Compatibility – Yes (IPVanish VPN)
  • Download Speed – 3.1 MB/s
  • Seeder/Leecher Ratio – 11,917/8,057
  • Subjects – software, games, movies, books, mobile apps, and games, etc
  • Torrent Type – public


Established in 2010, Torlock is one of those rare torrent websites that provide legitimate content by eliminating the illegal and fake files and charging them $1 for every phishy file. It is very useful for mac users and has a pretty easy and elegant interface design. 

Its aim is to provide small torrent files, which makes them easy to download. Once you get the list of movies and TV series torrent filesTorlock makes it easy to determine which file is the best out of them with the help of seedersleechers, and size. Moreover, it provides a wide variety of categories to navigate. It displays all the content based on your search terms which makes it even easier and less frustrating.

  • Mirror Links – torlock.unblock.mx, torlock.unblocked.krd
  • Visitors Per Month – 3.5 million
  • VPN Compatibility – Yes (IPVanish VPN)
  • Download Speed – 3.3 MB/s
  • Seeder/Leecher Ratio – 6,058/2,059
  • Subjects – music, photos, adult, games, movies
  • Torrent Type – public


If any torrent website is carrying one of the most high-demand torrent files today, then it is certainly iDope because it's more like a torrent search engine than just a host. It provides you direct magnet links based on your searches.

It has an easy-to-use interface and can be paired with any device. With an enormous library of more than 18 million torrents, iDope has excellent downloading features that are smoother than any other website.

Ever since the legendary website Kickass torrents was shut down, iDope gave a tribute to Kickass with a revised version that has a single click feature to save your time and energy. It shows all the trending movies and TV shows on its lists for classic enthusiasts. It's just as its name suggests, its ‘Dope.'

  • Mirror Links – idope.bypassed.bz, idope.buzz
  • Visitors Per Month – 2 million
  • VPN Compatibility – Yes (IPVanish VPN)
  • Download Speed – 3.7 MB/s
  • Seeder/Leecher Ratio – 510/31
  • Subjects – movies, tv shows, games, etc.
  • Torrent Type – public


Another powerful torrent directory in our list, GloTorrents has an ocean of content that has numerous links to download files of any category from pictures to pdf, you name it. It is widely popular among Movie watchers, TV lovers, and software enthusiasts. 

GloTorrents has high-speed downloading torrents facilities with many seeders, which helped it make its way to the top of the Best Torrent Sites List. Moreover, some torrent files have low popularity in the community, which is the reason why most of the distributions are inactive. 

Moreover, it takes some time for the computer to show on the network for redistribution of files, plus you just can't get rid of the annoying ads that keep popping up. Despite all of these flaws, GloTorrent is something that could be a real benefit if you are searching for streaming services like Netflix and radio broadcasts. It is an all-in-one entertainment platform.

  • Mirror Links – glotorrents.site unblocked.info, 
  • Visitors Per Month – 6 million
  • VPN Compatibility – Yes (IPVanish VPN)
  • Download Speed – 3.9 MB/s  
  • Seeder/Leecher Ratio – 1,136/396
  • Subjects – movies, games, pictures, TV Shows, adult, TV, books
  • Torrent Type – public 


This is not a popular site but has still managed to make a reputation for itself in the list for providing ebooks and softwares which are hard-to-find. It has a well-organized interface with a lot of .torrent filesmagnet linksseeders, and leecher

It has a massive library of movie sections that are sorted into many categories according to their respective genres. You can access this website from anywhere in the world because it's been able to stay vigilant and unbanned. Also, there are not many advertisements. The only negative thing about TorrentDownloads is that the shared downloading files are unavailable in general, so you have to manually download the files from their specific page.

  • Mirror Links – torrentdownloads.me, torrentdownloads.g2g.casa, torrentdownloads.proxy but.you, torrentdownloads.nocensor.club, torrentdownloads.123unblock.cyou, torrentdownloads.mrunlock.pro
  • Visitors Per Month – 4 million
  • VPN Compatibility – Yes (IPVanish VPN)
  • Download Speed – 2.1 MB/s
  • Seeder/Leecher Ratio – 1,429/88
  • Subjects – books, TV, games, softwares, anime, movies, music
  • Torrent Type – public


This website has a convenient library of movies that shows ratings, pictures, and a list of trending content. It is a powerful search engine with plenty of options for the users to choose from books, music, games, and documentaries.

It features zero ads, stunning visuals, a dedicated section for movies, games, softwares, and much more. If you are looking for a website with a convenient user experience, then try TorrentGalaxy because it has intrusive advertising, an adaptive user interface design to make it compatible with your smartphone, a good thematic section, and a live forum.

  • Mirror Links – torrent galaxy.to, torrent galaxy.mx, torrentgalaxy.org, torrent galaxy.su, 
  • Visitors Per Month – 8 million
  • VPN Compatibility – Yes (IPVanish VPN)
  • Download Speed – N/A
  • Seeder/Leecher Ratio – 384/14
  • Subjects – softwares, movies, music
  • Torrent Type – public


ExtraTorrent has one of the best collections of movies, games, music, TV shows, software, etc. You can even download pictures from their site. Moreover, they have enormous topic sections that feature the top 10 content.

There are many fake websites that are hosting their services in the name of ExtraTorrent. Moreover, they make you download specialized paid software called BitTorrent client to spread the harmful trojan virus and other malicious software. 

We recommend you to check our mirror links which are legit and work fine. Despite all these flaws, ExtraTorrent is still worth checking out as it has got a good interface and wide varieties of content to choose from.

  • Mirror Links – extratorrents.ch, extratorrents-cc.com, extratorrent2.unblockninja.com
  • Visitors Per Month – 80,000
  • VPN Compatibility – Yes (IPVanish VPN)
  • Download Speed – N/A
  • Seeder/Leecher Ratio – 161/71
  • Subjects – games, movies, TV shows, adult, books, pictures
  • Torrent Type – public


Demonoid is everyone's favorite in the community for its reliability and availability of content. It was discovered in 2003, just like Pirate Bay. It suffered a major loss due to political pressure; however, it quickly became one of the top contenders for best torrent sites after 10 million users availed themselves of 8 million torrent files. Some countries like Ukraine have banned Demonoid. 

Moreover, to use their services, you have to first register and make an account. After the registration, you will receive an activation code to complete the signup process. The navigation is not very pleasant, but it definitely helps you to get what you are looking for.

  • Mirror Links – Dnoid.me, Demonoid.unblocked.bet
  • Visitors Per Month – 195,000
  • VPN Compatibility – Yes (IPVanish VPN)
  • Download Speed – 2.1 MB/s
  • Seeder/Leecher Ratio – N/A
  • Subjects – software, games, Tv series, movies, music
  • Torrent Type – public


Originally discovered in 2003, it has gone through many controversies due to its collaboration with two associations called my BitTorrent. Due to this, it was partially taken down after the conflict between the two parties.

After its revival in 2009 with a new name YourBitTorrent, it started to get back in the game with around 2 million torrents and serves as a potential source of content for torrents who are searching for Best Torrent Sites for their daily needs. Moreover, you can easily view the information of the content by clicking on the torrent file, just like in iDope. The torrents can be filtered out by simply clicking on the age, seeds, peers, size and putting them in order which makes the experience even better.

  • Mirror Links – 
  • Visitors Per Month – 1 million
  • VPN Compatibility – N/A
  • Download Speed – 1.5 MB/s
  • Seeder/Leecher Ratio – N/A
  • Subjects – ebooks, music, TV Shows, movies, anime, software, games
  • Torrent Type – public


If you are searching for Best Torrent Sites that will not spy on you and track your activities, then SkyTorrents could be your best choice. Moreover, it has a basic user interface without any ads. Released in 2017, it is one of the newest torrent websites that offer an excellent selection of content.

They have an instant downloading feature that allows you to download your desired file with a click of a button. Once you click on the download button, it will fetch the files from the site itself. In case you want to download the files directly, you can do that too by clicking on the magnet link.

In addition to this, SkyTorrents keeps giving you a friendly reminder to use a VPN service for your safety and privacy on the internet. Moreover, we recommend you to use IP Vanish VPN, which doesn't let your confidential information get compromised.

  • Mirror Links – skytorrents.lol
  • Visitors Per Month – 290,000
  • VPN Compatibility – Yes (IPVanish VPN)
  • Download Speed – N/A
  • Seeder/Leecher Ratio – 2,670/391
  • Subjects – videos, softwares, music, movies, ebooks
  • Torrent type – public

Best Private Torrent Sites

IPTorrents (IPT)

IPTorrents offers all-in-one features for members only. You need to purchase their services for $3.81 to get access to thousands of torrent files. Additionally, they are secured private torrent websites that require an invitation to become a part of their community.

Moreover, they have some unique content that other free torrent websites don't have. If you are willing to pay the donation, you are free to subscribe to their services.

  • Mirror Links – N/A
  • Visitors Per Month – 6 million
  • VPN Compatibility – Yes (IPVanish VPN)
  • Download Speed – N/A
  • Seeder/Leecher Ratio – N/A
  • Subjects – all types of categories
  • Torrent Type – private


As already discussed before, torrent websites are mostly illegal, and by most, we mean websites that are hosting free services. Private torrent websites like PassThe Popcorn often don't share illegal content, which makes it more of a reason to purchase the paid services. It costs around $75 

PassThePopcorn provides you some of the most authentic and latest novelties from the world of entertainment without any advertisements and copyrighted content. Moreover, they have over 50 thousand movie collections, and all are in high definition. In case you are not a native English speaker, don't worry; PassThePopcorn has got you covered.

  • Mirror Links – N/A
  • Visitors Per Month – 1.3 million
  • VPN Compatibility – Yes (IPVanish VPN)
  • Download Speed – N/A
  • Seeder/Leecher Ratio – N/A
  • Subjects – movies
  • Torrent Type – private


BroadcastTheNet is a cluster of torrent files, mainly consisting of TV shows and Web series. Their community has more than 35,000 users, which makes it the most popular and expensive private torrent website as its subscription costs $150 USD.

It is also one of the most difficult websites to join, but once you do, you get access to media content in multiple languages, which you won't find anywhere else. They don't have a download feature. However, you can watch their content online.

  • Mirror Links – broadcastthe.net
  • Visitors Per Month – 990,000
  • VPN Compatibility – Yes (IPVanish VPN)
  • Download Speed – N/A
  • Seeder/Leecher Ratio – N/A
  • Subjects – movies
  • Torrent Type – private


This isn't something a movie enthusiast must look for, as Bibliotik is specifically designed for bookworms. It has thousands of ebooks, educational programs, literature, fiction, journalists, magazines, and much more.

Additionally, bibliotik has over 3 million torrent files containing one of the most popular books and selected titles along with dozens of scientific research papers from different universities in all languages.

Their registration procedure is difficult to follow, and however, if you manage to get access to their services somehow, you have to pay $65 USD.

  • Mirror Links – N/A
  • Visitors Per Month – 2 million
  • VPN Compatibility – Yes (IPVanish VPN)
  • Download Speed – N/A
  • Seeder/Leecher Ratio – N/A
  • Subjects – ebooks, PDF, audio
  • Torrent Type – private

TV Vault

Old school would love this website because it features dramas and TV shows from the past. What makes TV Vaut a unique torrent site is that some of the content provided by them are not available on other Best Torrent Sites. Moreover, their site subscription costs around $50-$60 USD.

If you are searching for the latest and modern content, then step back as this website is fully designed for people from the '90s. TV Vault provides its content predominantly in English

  • Mirror Links – N/A
  • Visitors Per Month – 200,000
  • VPN Compatibility – Yes (IPVanish VPN)
  • Download Speed – N/A
  • Seeder/Leecher Ratio – N/A
  • Subjects – Old dramas and TV Shows
  • Torrent Type – private


Welcome, music lovers. Redacted brings you one of the most vibrant and popular lists of audios and songs from all over the world. It has more than 1.5 million different streams with genres ranging from classical to hip-hop.

The registration might be tricky because it requires an invitation from the server moderators.

  • Mirror Links – N/A
  • Visitors Per Month – 970,000
  • VPN Compatibility – N/A
  • Download Speed – N/A
  • Seeder/Leecher Ratio – N/A
  • Subjects – music, audio, songs
  • Torrent Type – private


GazelleGames is a paradize for gamers. This website holds the title for standing against the most popular gaming sites that have been shut down. 

Moreover, they have more than 150,000 users on their website who are looking for classic games from the '90s and modern titles.

  • Mirror Links – N/A
  • Visitors Per Month – 580,000
  • VPN Compatibility – N/A
  • Download Speed – N/A
  • Seeder/Leecher Ratio – N/A
  • Subjects – games

IPVanish VPN Installation Guide :

IPVanish On Windows PC

Here is the Installation guide of IPVanish VPN on Windows PC :

  1. Go to the official website of IPVanish VPN
  1. Go to the top right corner of the website and click on ‘Apps’
  1. Select the Windows icon to download the Windows version of IPVanish
  1. Click the orange ‘Download Windows App’ and then wait for the application to install

IPVanish On Mac Computers :

Here are the steps you must follow if you want to use IPVanish on Mac Computers all the time while torrenting :

  1. Go to the official website of IPVanish VPN
  1. Go to the top right corner of the corner of the website and click on ‘Apps’
  1. Click on the Apple icon to download the Mac version of IPVanish
  1. Click on the orange ‘Download Mac App’ and wait for the application to install

How To Login To IPVanish VPN?

Here are the steps to Login into the IPVanish VPN application on your system:

  1. Run the application
  1. Sign-Up for your IPVanish Username and Password. Enter your IPVanish username in the username field > Enter your IPVanish password in the password field
  1. Press the ‘Login’ button in the IPVanish app to proceed further
  1. After logging in, go to the ‘Quick Connect’ from the left row > select the desired country from the server  list > click on ‘Connect’ button
  1. Your VPN connection has started

Torrent sites that track network activity with the help of ISP and those websites that open new pop-up windows with ads after clicking anywhere on the page are the ones that you must avoid. Moreover, they contain very harmful viruses that run in the background and steal information without you noticing it.

How To Use IPVanish VPN While Torrenting?

Here are the steps you must follow if you want to use IPVanish all the time while torrenting :

  1. Open IPVanish application on your device > Go to the server list > Choose a server.
  1. Go to settings > Connections > Click Auto Reconnect box to force IP Vanish to reconnect with the server in case it gets disconnected for some reason > Click the Kill Switch box to keep your ip hidden while downloading files.

What Are Torrents And How Do They Work?

In simple language, torrents are files that have some information that are related to other system files and folders which need to be distributed.

This means, whenever someone is downloading any data such as a Public Domain movie torrent, it has a file that holds some vital information that will help you to get to that movie.

Torrent works on P2P technology. P2P means when there is a network created between two connected computers and are able to share data without going to different servers. It's similar to an ad-hoc network but more complex.

These files can be acquired through torrent clients like uTorrent or BitTorrent.

You need to ensure when you are using torrent websites and torrent clients that you only download content you have the legal rights to or content on the Public Domain.

If the movie, tv show, music or game you are looking to download isn't on the Public Domain or you don't have the rights to it, then you should not download it.

File sharing on these P2P websites can be a great thing when used legally and correctly.

What Is The Best VPN For Downloading Torrents?

When downloading torrents, it is important to use a VPN protect yourself. A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network which basically is the middle-man in the P2P process.

So, instead of a torrent download going from one computer directly to your computer, it goes to the VPN network where all data is encrypted and passed onto you.

This means you IP address, physical location and the content you are downloading to your computer are completely anonymous.

We recommend you to use IPVanish VPN, which is an excellent Virtual Private Network provider since it has a strict zero-log policy, fast download speeds and encrypts your personal data.

With IPVanish VPN, you can stream and download anonymously without worrying about getting your IP address compromised.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I Use A Torrent Site?

The reason why people prefer to download content from torrent is that they are very easy. Moreover, here are some steps to use a torrent site:

  • Download and Install a torrent client like uTorrent or qBitTorrent
  • Go to the search bar and type the keywords for the content you are searching for. All the relevant results for the keyword would show up.
  • There would be two options for downloading the content, either click on the .torrent file or the magnet link. You would be prompted to run the torrent client.
  • After the torrent client opens, choose the location where you want those specific files to get downloaded and click OK.
  • Torrent will start downloading, and as soon as your file gets downloaded, you will receive a torrent completion notification.

Why Can't I Access Some Torrent Sites?

The reason why you can't access some of the torrent sites is that they have been blocked or completely shutdowns by the government or any other legal authority. Moreover, there are typically four ways to access torrent tracker to a blocked torrent site, and they are:

  • Use Web-based proxy
  • Use a VPN service (IPVanish VPN is the best Virtual Network Provide that opens up a gateway to your favorite torrent website that has been blocked in your area)
  • Utilize Tor Network
  • Find Magnet Links

Why Do I Need A VPN For Torrenting?

Whenever you visit any torrent website, use a good VPN before you access any files on their systems.

You want to make sure your personal data is encrypted to prevent being targeted by hackers, cybercriminals and others.

So always make sure to use the best reliable VPN service like IPVanish VPN, which does not allow your privacy to be compromised.

What Is The Best VPN For Torrenting?

IPVanish VPN is the best VPN for torrenting because it has all types of privacy protection technology necessary for surfing the internet without anyone monitoring you. Moreover, it has a countless number of reviews from the users who have downloaded the torrent file content with ease.

Which Torrent Site Is The Fastest

Speed depends on the torrent file, number of seeders, internet speed and leechers.

The best torrent sites that are the fastest are The Pirate BayEZTVZooqleRARBGLimeTorrents.

Use these sites with verified torrent clients and you will have good download speeds.

Which Torrent Sites Should You Avoid?

Torrent sites that track network activity with the help of ISP and those websites that open new pop-up windows with ads after clicking anywhere on the page are the ones that you must avoid.

They contain very harmful viruses that run in the background and steal information without you noticing it.

How Can I Access Private Torrent Sites?

Private Torrent Sites are not easily accessible. They have limited access to only selective people who have paid for their subscription.

In case you are a new member, then you would have to wait for their invitation, only then will you have access to their services.

Is There Any Way To Speed Up Torrenting?

Yes, there is a way to increase the speed of torrenting. You can use IPVanish VPN to change the geographic location of your system to the nearest country server, choosing the torrent files which have the maximum popularity and seeders. Moreover, you can also go with the classic way, which is changing your internet/broadband connection to a faster one.


This is all about the best torrent sites you can find on the web. Make sure to be safe when torrenting on the internet and to always protect yourself with a VPN service while streaming with IPVanish VPN.

To know more about such fun topics you can visit our website.

VPN Disclaimer – We do not condone the illegal use of VPN services. The consumption of pirated content that is normally paid for is not approve or endorsed by Cord Cutters Anonymous. All VPN services should be used for legal recreational purposes only. If you are using a VPN to access a service from abroad, please read that service's terms and conditions.

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