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Change Netflix Region

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As everyone is forced to stay at home these days due to the Covid-19 pandemic across the world, more and more people are finding ways to keep themselves occupied. Having a Hulu or a Netflix subscription is a must to not get bored easily.

Moreover, Netflix has a huge library of fresh content that is very important to everyone. This is why we keep getting the same question on our FAQ section every day: ‘How To Change Netflix Region’?

So today, we have prepared the answers to one of the most searched questions about the Change Netflix Region with the help of the best free VPN and paid VPN services available.

Netflix and the best Netflix shows have different broadcasting agreements in different countries. They broadcast different movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc., in different languages and countries. Due to this, some of the content of Netflix is restricted to streams in particular countries. This means that if you are from India and you have travelled to the USA, then you won’t have the same Netflix library anymore.

The content shown on Netflix’s dashboard depends on which part of the world you are in currently, or shall we say Netflix thinks you are. If you are not sure what we mean, then you would be glad to know that there are certain ways to change the way Netflix thinks about your location. Yes, you heard us right. There are some ways where you can trick Netflix into thinking that you are in a different region, and the easiest and quickest way to do that is by using a VPN app or VPN connection.

If you are in a country where a particular show is banned, but you still want to get access to that content, then use IPVanish VPN. It gives you plenty of options to pick locations that you can set manually or automatically. IPVanish VPN gives you access to a huge amount of Netflix libraries from countries like the US netflix, Canada, the UK, Japan, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Brazil, and many more.

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In this article, we will highlight the ways to Change Netflix Region and unblock one of the most popular geo-restricted content in your country. But first, let us discuss the reason behind Netflix broadcasting different media content in different countries.

Reason Why Netflix Has Different Content In Different Countries?

As already mentioned above, the answer to this question is pretty straightforward. Due to the broadcast license agreements in different countries, little Netflix content is restricted. This means that the availability of the content is quite uncertain in a particular country.

Broadcasting channels have different licensing deals with the shows. Therefore, it’s not necessary that if a channel is broadcasting a show in your country, it will also stream the same content on Netflix too.

However, with the help of a VPN, you can change your geographic location to another country where Netflix has the license to stream that show. IPVanish VPN lets you relocate to a different country where your favourite is available on Netflix.

We keep asking the same question: How To Change Netflix Region but have you ever wondered about the function of a VPN service? How does it change your geographical location with just a press of a button?

If not then don’t worry, we will help you understand the working of a VPN service, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be IPVanish; it could be any VPN. We will come back to the reason you need to use IPVanish VPN in the latter part of the article.

Working Principle of VPN Service For Netflix

Movies and TV shows on Netflix are country exclusive. Netflix determines the location you are surfing from by the IP address and provides you content accordingly. Your IP address is provided to you by the local ISP (Internet Service Provider) that you have subscribed to. When you surf on the internet through the web browsers like chrome, firefox etc, you are using the ISP servers, which are invariably located at the region you use the internet from like wi-fi router etc.

However, what the VPN does is that it rechannels your internet traffic through its own dedicated server that is located all across the world, and then it’s up to you to select what country the traffic comes from.

This means that the IP address that you would be using for streaming media content on Netflix would be of the VPN server and not of the ISP. The location is subsequently defined by the IP address.

Therefore, whenever you visit Netflix, it will automatically determine your IP, and then it will be tricked to think that you are in a chosen country because of the VPN. Then you can watch and stream your favourite content from anywhere in the world.

We recommend you to use IPVanish VPN to Change Netflix Region and watch Netflix content regardless of the country region. You can use IPVanish in your browser as one of the browser extensions.

How To Use IPVanish VPN To Change Your Netflix Country To Watch Netflix In Any Country?

Let’s get straight down to the point. You will need an updated version of Netflix to perform the following methods. And then, you will require a reliable and outperforming VPN service that will help you to relocate effectively anywhere in the world.

Our best recommendation is IPVanish VPN as a Netflix VPN because it provides impressive unblocking capabilities, lightning-fast speed, and server coverage in all the places where Netflix is available. It has an excellent streaming service performance and is available on almost all the devices like all android and ios devices like iphones , computers, firesticks, smart tv etc.

If you want to watch your favorite shows on BBC iplayer, HBO, Amazon prime videos or Disney, but it isn’t available in your current region, then you are in luck as IPVanish is an extremely versatile VPN application. It provides high-speed internet bandwidth consistently, great online activity, virtual private network, simultaneous connections, online privacy and has over 1,500+ servers in more than 60 countries. The best thing is that it doesn’t have a limit to the number of devices you connect, unlike other rival VPN services.

Another highlight of IPVanish VPN is its security service. It has 256-bit encryption to keep the user traffic private, cyberghost protection, IPv6 leak protection, a DNS, and a kill switch, along with a traffic scrambling feature. This feature is a great help that lets you go around in strict VPN blocking.

You get guaranteed privacy features as it is a zero-logs provider. We have tested IPVanish several times; after a lot of research and testing, we have come to the conclusion that it is one of the best VPN services available out there in the market to Change Netflix Region.

Steps To Change Netflix Region Using IPVanish VPN (on the computer):

Follow the steps given below to Change Netflix Region and unblock the regional Netflix content from anywhere in the world using IPVanish VPN. You can do this in operating systems like MacOS, Linux, Windows.

Step 1.) Download the IPVanish VPN application from their official website and install it on your computer.

Step 2.) Create your username & password for IPVanish VPN.

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Step 3.) Login to the IPVanish VPN application on your computer.

Step 4.) Select the Country in the dropdown menu that you want to watch the content from. For instance, if you want to watch shows from the USA, then choose the USA server. Make sure it is on Best Available City and Best Available Server

Step 5.) Click on Connect and you will be connected to the VPN server

Step 6.) If you are on Windows, close your Netflix Application and reopen it. If you are on Mac, go to in a Private Tab in your web browser so that cookies or cache are not tracked.

Step 7.) Your Netflix should now be showing you options for the country that you set the VPN to. So, if you set the VPN to USA you should now see available all TV Shows and Movies in the USA library. Happy Streaming!

In some devices like Android TV and Firestick, Netflix detects the VPN services running in the background and shows a streaming error message.

However, we have a solution for this with IPVanish VPN. Keep reading below to see how to change your Netflix country on Firestick with IPVanish VPN.

Steps To Change Netflix Region Using IPVanish VPN (on the Firestick):

Netflix has introduced many blocking techniques to stop users from accessing their services with the help of VPN applications. Such techniques include IP address pools on the VPN server that are block-based and the information of the location identification that is retrieved from the GPS services.

The good news is that IPVanish lets you bypass this restriction on Android and Amazon Firestick devices too.

You can watch your favorite Netflix content from your desired country without compromising your internet bandwidth, privacy, or security on your Firestick device.

Follow the steps given below to Change Netflix Region and unblock the regional Netflix content from anywhere in the world using IPVanish VPN.

Step 1: Create your Username & Password for IPVanish VPN.

Step 2: You will receive an activation link to your email address to activate your account. Make sure to click the activation link to activate your account!

Step 3: Go to the IPVanish VPN app on your Fire TV Stick, then enter your username and password, then select Login

Step 4: Once you login it IPVanish VPN, go up to the gear icon in the top right-hand corner and click on it

Step 5: Make sure that Start IPVanish is checked to On

Step 6: Make sure that Startup Connection Action is set to Connect to Fastest Server

Step 7: Make sure that Scramble is checked to On

Step 8: Select the Country you would like to view the Netflix library for

Step 9: Click Connect then click OK to connect to the VPN server

Step 10: Go to Settings on the Home Screen of your Firestick then click on Applications

Step 10: Go to Manage Installed Applications

Step 11: Selected Netflix from the list of applications

Step 12: Select Force Stop

Step 13: Reopen the Netflix application on your firestick and enjoy the content in the country you chose on IPVanish VPN. You now have access to the content of any country that you want to see in Netflix.

Is It Legal To Use a VPN Service For Netflix?

Well, technically, it is legal to use VPN services to Change Netflix Region unless you are using it in a region where VPNs are banned, like China, Russia, North Korea, or Iran. But besides that, it is perfectly legal to make use of a VPN service to access Netflix and other streaming sites.

Netflix does have some means for the prevention of distribution of its content worldwide, but that doesn’t mean that they have power over every content distribution in various locations. According to the license agreements, Netflix is obligated to block VPN users as watching Netflix content in different countries doesn’t make it illegal.

Netflix is not known to close down the accounts on which VPNs are run, as as a matter of fact, someone using Netflix services obviously has paid the subscription charges. Therefore, even if they are accessing the Netflix website from another country, it should not be any reason for alarm.

However, the Netflix work frames detect the use of VPN sometimes, displaying a message saying that you won’t be able to continue watching Netflix if you use VPN. But this is not something to worry about because it has few agreements with the copyright holders of that particular location.

Therefore you can continue watching Netflix even after the warning message displayed. There have been no cases yet where Netflix has banned an account for using VPN services while streaming their content.

Countries Where Netflix is Available

Primarily, Netflix was first introduced in the United States. During the past 10 years, Netflix has gained popularity all across the world. America alone holds over 5,900 Netflix titles making it the largest Netflix library in the world.

However, there are always exceptions. The countries with no access to Netflix are China, Syria, Crimea, and North Korea. They have strict media broadcasting policies and don’t allow any foreign brand to promote their content on their servers to keep their information safe.

The availability of Netflix in the rest of the countries doesn’t mean that you will get the same Netflix media content everywhere. As already discussed before, Netflix has different broadcast license agreements with different countries. So it is up to the copyright holders whether or not their country audience should be made to see the content available on Netflix.

We have studied the reason, and it has come to our knowledge that some countries have strict laws against castes and religions. The content sometimes has 18+ content, racism, and vulgarity, which could be offending to some cultures. However, this doesn’t stop the television enthusiasts from watching them and staying entertained.

The majority of content comes from the US, with over 1,326 TV shows and over 4,330 movies. Followed by Canada with a massive library of 5,700 Netflix titles. The United Kingdom falls in 3rd place with more than 5,673 Netflix titles and still counting.

It’s not a surprise that India is one of the greatest countries in terms of Human Resources, production capabilities, and technology. They have the largest number of television enthusiasts across the world, and yet again, it has proved itself by securing the 4th spot on our list with 5,591 libraries.

Australia has more than 5,349 Netflix titles in total. Ireland is not far behind the race, with 5,246 content in its library. Slovakia came on the list surprisingly with a library of 5,077 Netflix titles. Japan is another first-class world country with a whopping 5,065 Netflix content in total. And finally, the Czech Republic and Hungary with 5,063 and 5,062 Netflix content respectively.

Is There A Way To Change Netflix Region Without Using VPN?

There are certain ways to Change Netflix Region to unblock the availability of content in that particular region. However, it requires some technical knowledge, and it’s something that a rookie can’t pull off by themselves.

One of the ways is using smart DNS proxy services. Many DNS proxies claim to unlock Netflix and few other streaming services, but we highly doubt that. Netflix work-frames can easily find and block DNS proxy services; thus, they can't be trusted.

Moreover, you won’t be getting global access with DNS proxies and no encryption on your data that you get from using IPVanish VPN that leaves your online information and activities vulnerable and get no proxy errors also.

If you value your confidential data, information, and privacy, then we recommend you use a reliable VPN provider like IPVanish. They have excellent server connectivity and high-speed internet bandwidth that doesn’t cap your internet data. Unlike any other VPN service, they don’t collect and sell your crucial information.

Will IP Vanish Slow My Internet Speed After I Change Netflix Region?

Technically speaking, every VPN service changes the internet speed to some extent after changing the geographical location since you are using the other country servers. It requires some time for the transfer of data from another country server to your systems.

However, good VPN services like IPVanish have a well-optimized system that mitigates the internet speed problem to the minimum even after Change Netflix Region. Few things like choosing the nearest server or faster protocol can highly benefit in maximizing the internet speed.

Bottom Line:

Streaming content from a Netflix account can be tricky sometimes. Especially when you have recently moved to a different country, and suddenly all your saved content has vanished from the favorites and watch later sections.

Thankfully, some VPNs like IPVanish VPN, NordVPN and ExpressVPN are some of the best in the market when it comes to Netflix. However, IPVanish is the best as it has great customer support and has come up with the tricks to give you access content even if you have Change Netflix Region. Moreover, IPVanish also provides you a 30-day money-back guarantee It lets you bypass the geo-blocks and lets you watch any movies and TV shows from around the world.

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