How to Install the Firestick Remote App to Control an Amazon Fire TV Stick

Install Firestick Remote App on Firestick

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There are various platforms that are now available in the market to provide people with a great source of entertainment. Mass Media has been topping the list for ages. For this reason, streaming devices have become more popular and readily available. Among the most renowned devices are Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku, DirecTV Stream Device, Apple TV device.

Amazon Fire TV Stick is a versatile device that works to convert your basic TV into a smart TV. You can stream on-demand content without the mess of wires and cables on the big screen of the television. It also comes with the most striking advantage of the Alexa voice remote. This remote control is included with the Firestick device, but you can also have access to this remote control through your mobile phone. This is where the Firestick Remote App has its part to play.

Firestick Remote App is an application that is specifically designed to make your user experience more convenient and easier. It functions the same as the physical remote but works on your smartphone. It is a duplicate remote that lets you use all the navigation keys, keyboard, playback controls, and other shortcuts for channels or games. In other words, it is a replica of the original remote and can be used as a replacement remote.

You can download this Firestick app very easily no matter what mobile device you use because it is accessible on iOS, Android, and Fire OS. You won't find any major differences between the conventional and this virtual remote. In fact, anybody can use it and get accustomed to it in a very short while. Along with that, the Firestick app also has many more advantages to offer.

Once you are setup with the Firestick Remote App, you can easily jailbreak your firestick and navigate in the Kodi App in order to access your favorite movies, TV shows, live tv, sports and more.

How to Control Your Firestick With Your Phone?

Amazon Fire TV Stick includes a Firestick remote with the device to make your navigation easier. It is equipped with a Bluetooth facility so you can pair it with your Fire TV. Also, you can give voice commands and make your job even easier.

In case you have lost your Firestick remote, or for some other reason you can not use it, there is no need for you to worry. You can use the Firestick remote app as an alternative to Firestick remote. All you have to do is install the application and start using it. The Firestick Remote App is amongst some of the best apps for the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Here is the complete guide on how to control your Firestick with your phone for the first time.

Step 1: First, you will have to get the app installed on your smartphone. This app is available on both the Google Play Store and App Store. So you can get it easily on Android phones as well as iPhones. Once you have installed the application, open it. It will ask you to grant the Fire TV App Local Network permission, and for that, click on sure.

The app will also ask you whether or not you want to enable the notifications. You can turn it on if you want the notifications.

Step 2: Next step is to connect or set it up with your Firestick TV. And to do so, you will need to have access to both the phone and your TV at the same time.

Step 3: You will see a Sign-in option when you open the application. Fill in your email address that is already registered with Amazon and password in the given allotted space. After filling in the particulars, tap on Sign In. In case you have forgotten the password to your Amazon account, you can reset it very easily by clicking on the forgotten password option.

Step 4: After you have successfully signed in, you have to select your Fire TV Stick. In case you do not see your fire tv stick device on your smartphone, check whether your device is properly plugged in. And along with that, make sure that your smartphone and Fire TV Stick device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If your phone and FireTV are connected to different Wi-Fi connections, it could be a major reason why you could not see your Firestick in the first place.

Step 5: Next step is associated with your TV. Switch on your television and then set it to the input that is related to your Fire TV Stick that you are aiming to control.

Step 6: The TV screen will show a 4 digit code. This is the app connection request code number. You will have to enter this code in your mobile phone or iPad, in which you have installed the Firestick remote app.

Step 7: Enter this app connection request code number in the app on your phone.

Step 8: Once done, wait for some time for the device to get connected. After the successful connection, your Firestick TV will land you on the home screen. And you will be able to control your Fire TV easily from your mobile phone app.

However, if the devices fail to connect, try disconnecting both the devices from the internet. And after that, reconnect them. This might solve your issue, and you can be successful in connecting them.

Requirements To Use Your Smartphone As A Firestick Remote Control

Although the Amazon FireTV App is very useful, it can not be accessed on all types of devices. Here are some of the requirements that you need to pay heed to before trying to use or install the Amazon Fire TV app to operate it as a remote control.

  1. If you own a Fire Tablet, then you can use this app only if your tablet is 4th generation or later. So having the latest Fire tablet is necessary because it won't work on previous older versions of Fire Tablet.
  2. You can download this amazon Fire TV app on any Android device. The only condition is that the Android version should not be older than Android OS 4.
  3. All iOS device users can also get access to this Amazon Fire TV app. However, it requires the device to have iOS 10 or any up-to-date versions.

Note: Firestick TV remote app can help you operate other devices, too, along with the Firestick. For instance, you can use this app as a remote control for your Fire TV Cube and Fire TV 4K.

Difference Between Physical Fire TV Stick Remote And Amazon Fire TV remote app

As already mentioned, you can use the remote app as an alternative to the physical remote that comes with the Amazon Fire TV Stick. However, there are some differences too between both in various aspects.

  1. When it comes to functionality, there are no such key differences. However, the central circular button that is in the middle of the physical remote is not in the same way in the app. It has a touchpad instead in the middle.
  2. The smartphone application offers a built-in keyboard for your convenience. In contrast, you do not have a physical keyboard in the fire tv remote.
  3. For your ease, the application on your phone provides a shortcut list of all the apps you might want to launch on your Fire TV. This list is missing in the physical remote.

How To Use Amazon Firestick App?

Making use of this app is fairly easy. You do not need to have any prior knowledge or experience. However, the points below can help you if you are facing any problems.

  1. You can touch anywhere on the touchpad in your mobile application to select the item that is highlighted at present.
  2. Touch in the different directions of the touchpad. It will help you scroll in that particular direction. For instance, to scroll in the upward direction, you will have to move your fingers upwards. Same in the case for right, left, and down directions. In other words, it will act as the d-pad of your remote.
  3. In the case of moving your selection without any scrolling, you will have to drag your fingers from the middle to the direction you want. For example, to move up, keep your fingers in contact with the touch area and drag it from the middle to the upward direction. Similarly, for other directions, you will have to move your fingers in the desired direction.
  4. You can also access the keyboard by clicking on the “keyboard” icon at the top of the screen.
  5. The firestick app also allows you to do voice searches. For doing that, all you have to do is tap on the microphone icon at the top center of the screen. Before speaking, tap and hold that icon. You can directly open apps like Netflix, Kodi, or any other app by just speaking the title or saying the name in the app.
  6. In this app, you can also launch the shortcut menu consisting of the apps and games that you can install any time you desire to. To do so, you will have to tap on the Apps and Games icon. This icon is placed between the keyboard and the microphone icon at the top of the screen. From that list of apps and games, you can touch on any of them to install and open it in your Fire TV device instantly.
  7. The rest of the buttons and the keys are similar to that present in the physical remote. These include the play/pause, fast forward, reverse, menu, return, and home button. All of these function in the same way as in the case of a physical remote.


Amazon Fire TV Stick is a versatile device. If you own it, you must have gone through all the striking features and enjoyed the ease of operating it. In addition to this, Firestick remote app has provided an edge to all its advantages. Use this app as a backup or as your first choice according to your needs.

But before you start using the app, it is important for you to understand and have full knowledge about how to use it. We have tried to cover everything that you might need to have an unmatched experience with your Firestick by using your smartphone as a Firestick remote.

Still, if you want more information about where you can get the application, how to use it, or about any problem you are facing, you can visit our website at

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