How to Delete Your Facebook Account in 2024 (While Saving All of Your Data & Photos) – Complete Guide

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Congratulations, you've officially decided to delete your Facebook account.

No more insane data tracking of your every single like, want and desire by Facebook.

No more seeing your racist uncle go off on a political tirade.

No more dopamine hacking algorithms to tie you into the platform forever to waste all of your free time.

You are about to become free, and I want to congratulate you on taking that step.

Below I will show you step-by-step how to delete your Facebook account permanently, but also how to retrieve all of your data, photos, posts, comments etc before doing so, so you can archive them safely for future viewing on your own privately.

Facebook actually does not let you delete your account immediately, they give you a 30-day “grace period” once you “deactivate” your account to change your mind and log back in.

This is by design. They want you to feel FOMO (fear of missing out) and draw you back into the platform to sell your data to advertisers and get you to buy random things targeted towards you from advertisers who paid for getting your attention. They do not want you to leave.

But we will show you how to go ahead and deactivate your account (which will make your account unsearchable on Facebook, and as if your account did not exist) and how to stay strong during those 30 days to allow your account to be permanently deleted (it's not as scary as it sounds, it's actually one of the most freeing feelings you will feel trust me).

So before we go ahead and delete your Facebook account for good, let's discuss how to pull all of your data and photos out of Facebook securely, and how to store them securely so you can hold onto those memories forever on your own, and not at the hands of Mark Zuckerberg allowing your access to your own memories.

Let's jump right in.

Downloading All of Your Facebook Data (Photos, Videos, Posts etc)

Before deleting your account, let's download all of your Facebook data that they have on you (and you will see soon that it is a nauseating amount).

The most important things to get are your uploaded photos, photos tagged in, friends list, post history, comment history etc.

Facebook will give you all of your data in an HTML file format (this can be loaded in any browser like a website where you can download the files you want to keep to your desktop or phone).

Step 1: Click your profile picture in the top right corner. Select Settings & privacy

Step 2: Select Settings.

Step 3: Under the Your information section, select Download your information

Step 4: Select Download or transfer information

Step 5: Select Available information. This will ensure that you download all data to an HTML file, where you can then directly download those files to your computer or cloud storage. Download or transfer information

If you really want to fine tune what you extract and save, you can click on Specific types of information. But be warned, this will make you realize the insane amount of data Facebook has on you.

Here is a list of the things you can select from on Specific types of information if you want to fine tune, but I recommend just doing Available information to capture everything.

Your Facebook Activity

  • Posts: Posts you've created (may take longer to download)
  • Photos and Videos: Photos you're tagged in
  • Comments and Reactions: Includes likes and reactions (may take longer to download)
  • Messages: Your message history
  • Stories: Your Facebook Stories (may take longer to download)
  • Saved Items and Collections
  • Groups: Groups you belong to (may take longer to download)
  • Pages: Pages you manage or follow (may take longer to download)
  • Events: Events you have participated in
  • Polls and Voting: Your activity in polls and voting
  • Facebook Gaming: Activity in Facebook Gaming
  • Your Places: Locations saved
  • Facebook Marketplace: Transactions and listings
  • Fundraisers: Fundraisers you have created or participated in
  • Reviews: Reviews you have given
  • Short Videos: Videos you have uploaded
  • Notes: Notes you have created
  • Link History: Links you have interacted with
  • Shops and Shopping: Activity related to Facebook Shops and shopping
  • Live Videos: Live videos you have participated in
  • Other Activity: Any other recorded activity on Facebook
  • Fantasy Games: Activity in fantasy games
  • Meta Spark: Interactions with Meta Spark
  • Bug Bounty: Reports submitted for bug bounty
  • Navigation Bar: Customizations and interactions
  • Support Messages: Messages with Facebook support
  • Your Problem Reports: Issues you have reported
  • Facebook Assistant: Interactions with Facebook Assistant
  • Facebook Portal: Activity with Facebook Portal
  • Facebook Accounts Center: Information from Accounts Center


  • Friends: Your friend list
  • Followers: List of followers
  • Supervision: Parental approvals you have given

Logged Information

  • Location: Your location history
  • Search: Your search activity
  • Security and Login Information: Technical information and login activity (may take longer to download)
  • Apps and Websites off Facebook: Apps you own and activity from other apps and websites
  • Music Recommendations: Music you have interacted with


  • Feed: Customizations to your feed
  • Memories: Interactions with Facebook Memories
  • Ads Information: Interactions with ads and advertisers

Personal Information

  • Profile Information: Details about your profile
  • Information about Your Profile: Additional profile information
  • Facebook Payments: Transactions and payment information

It's quite an alarming amount of data that Facebook has on you and shares with thousands of other websites and companies…

Step 6: Select Download to device

Step 7: Make sure to set Date range to All time, Format to HTML and Media Quality to High. Once you set that, select Create files. You will then receive an email to the email you set under Notify when your HTML file is ready with all of your data. This usually takes a few hours to a few days depending on the amount of data in the account.

Once you have your HTML file, you will have 4 days to extract download the HTML file before it is deleted forever.

Once you have downloaded the HTML file, go through different sections and download the files, photos, videos, posts etc that you want to keep. Make sure to store those downloaded photos and videos in a safe place to store such as your computer hard drive or a cloud account.

The most important step to take is to actually download all of the files, photos, videos etc from the HTML file. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP!

Many people download just the HTML file then delete their accounts, only to realize weeks later that the HTML file links to nowhere as the data was deleted after 4 days from Facebook's servers.

Make sure that you capture all of your data to store before deleting your account permanently.

How to Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently

Now that you have all of your personal data and info saved in a secure place, let's go ahead and get rid of your Facebook account once and for all.

Here is the step-by-step process to delete your Facebook account permanently:

Step 1: Click your profile picture in the top right corner. Select Settings & privacy

Step 2: Select Settings.

Step 3: Select Accounts Center in the top left corner of the page.

Step 4: Select Personal details

Step 5: Select Account ownership and control

Step 6: Select Deactivation or deletion

Step 7: Select Deactivation or deletion

Step 8: Select Delete account

Step 9: Select why you want to delete your account, then select Continue

Step 10: Select Continue through any additional screens, then select Delete account

Congratulations! You have just deleted your Facebook account officially.

You have 30 days to log back into your account before it is deleted forever. If you log back in, your account will remain active unless you go through the process to delete it again.

If you do not log back in within 30 days, your account and all of its data will be officially deleted.

In 30 days you will be free from the grip of Facebook and the power that these social media companies have over your time, data and thinking.

Next step is highly recommended to enhance your privacy online now that you have deleted your Facebook account, because although you may have deleted your account, your data still lingers heavily on the web which is tied to your “profile” that companies still have on your based on your IP Address when using Facebook.

Now Start Using a VPN While Surfing the Web

Using a VPN (virtual private network) will break any ties that any site on the internet has to our old Facebook data which was shared with them.

Facebook shares your data with thousands and thousands of websites which store that data in their own servers, which you cannot undo.

The only way to avoid having your internet surfing history added to these forever profiles other companies is to mask your online identity which is being used to target you and harvest data about you, which comes down to your IP Address.

Your IP Address is one of the many unique identifiers used to track you across the web, and by eliminating this piece of the puzzle it's nearly impossible for massive companies and websites that have your old Facebook data to track and target you across the web.

Using a VPN like IPVanish VPN on your phone and computer will mask your IP Address, making you completely anonymous online with all of your personal data and web surfing encrypted from prying eyes. This means that massive data profile all these companies have on you will be set back to zero and you will have all of your future data encrypted and anonymous so a new data profile cannot be built upon your personal surfing data, habits, interests etc.

IPVanish VPN has a zero-log server meaning that all data which passes through their encrypted servers is never logged by them, meaning there will be no trace or history of your web behavior or web surfing for companies to harvest and combine with your old Facebook IP Address used.

You can use IPVanish VPN on unlimited devices with one account and they have a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason.

I highly recommend using a good VPN going forward, and avoid social media companies all together as your data is harvested and sold to advertisers, and your photos and videos are loaded into massive AI systems.

Once you install the IPVanish VPN app on all of your devices, you just create a new IPVanish VPN account, login, then connect to a server in the United States and you are officially anonymous online without any of your personal data leaking anymore.


Congratulations on deleting your Facebook Account! You have taken a massive step into reclaiming your digital sovereignty, freedom, time and privacy again.

You have successfully backed up all of your data and stored it safely for use, and also learned how to use IPVanish VPN to surf the internet privately and anonymously.

Make sure to stick it out the full 30 days until your Facebook account is completely deleted.

You may have regret immediately when it's deleted, feelings of FOMO (fear of missing out), or isolation. But just remember that no one will likely even know you are off the platform, you truly are not missing much since the people who matter most in life will contact your directly, and you will be able to see who your true friends are in REAL LIFE, not just the online space.

So enjoy your new found freedom, get outside, step away from screens and enjoy the peace and serenity that comes with a Facebook-free life.

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