How to Install Stremio Firestick & Android TV (April 2024)

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Stremio is a free open-source media center application which can be installed on any Android device such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick, Nvidia Shield, Android Box & Android smart phones.

The Stremio application allows you to install different Stremio Addons to stream movies, tv shows, live tv and live sports.

Installing the Stremio application on the Amazon Firestick and other android devices is very simple and takes 2 minutes.

Below you will find the full step-by-step screenshot guide on how to install Stremio on Firestick and Android devices.

So grab your Fire Stick remote and follow-along!

Turn on ADB Debugging & Apps from Unknown Sources

Step 1: Go to the Home Screen on your Fire TV Stick by clicking the Home Button on your Fire TV Stick Remote

Step 2: Go to Settings on the Home Screen of your Fire TV Stick


Step 3: Select My Fire TV from the menu of options


Step 4: Select Developer Options

IMPORTANT: Please see steps below if you don’t see Developer Options on your screen.


IMPORTANT: If you don't see Developer Options, click on About once under the My Fire TV section.

Notice how Developer Options is missing from the screen below.

Once you click on About, hover over Fire TV Stick and click the OK button on your remote 7 times to become a developer.

When you click the back button now, you will see that Developer Options appears as an option under the My Fire TV section.

Now you can select Developer Options.

Step 5: Turn on ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources


Install Downloader

Step 1: Go back to the Home Screen on your Fire TV Stick by clicking the Home Button on your Fire TV Stick Remote


Step 2: Go to Find and then click on the Search button. Search for Downloader


Step 3: Select Downloader from the list of options and click Download. Now Downloader will install onto your firestick

Downloader APK

Step 4: Click on Open to open the Downloader app

Downloader APK Open

Step 5: Once the Downloader app opens, click Allow then click OK

Install IPVanish on Firestick

When installing Stremio onto your device, you absolutely should use a VPN (short for Virtual Private Network).

A VPN will make you anonymous online by masking your IP address and encrypting your personal data.

You absolutely want to use a VPN with Stremio since developers of Addons or Builds can harvest your personal data and sell it.

Make sure to use a good VPN like IPVanish VPN which has a zero-log policy and the fastest connection for Fire Stick devices. They also have a 30 day money-back-guarantee so you can use it on your firestick risk-free.

Please stay away from free VPNs since they will harvest your personal data and sell it. They are free for a reason!!!

IPVanish VPN can also be installed from the official Amazon App Store by searching for it from the Home Screen of your firestick.

Step 1: Go to the URL area in Downloader and type in then click Go

Step 2: When prompted, click Install. Now IPVanish VPN will install onto your firestick

IPVanish VPN Install
IPVanish Install

Install Stremio on Firestick

Now that we have IPVanish VPN installed, we are going to install Stremio.

Stremio is a media center application you can install on any android device such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

The Stremio application is amazing because it allows you to connect the best Stremio Addons that allow you to access movies, tv shows, YouTube, live tv and live sports.

The download link will always point to the latest stable Stremio version for Firestick and Android TV.

How to Install Stremio on Firestick

Step 1: Go to the URL area in Downloader and type in then click Go

stremio download

Step 2: When prompted, click on Install. Now Stremio will install onto your firestick

stremio install
stremio installation

Setup IPVanish VPN Before Using Stremio

Now that we have Stremio installed always make sure to have the VPN running in the background to protect yourself.

This is a very important step to do before loading any Addons onto Stremio.

IPVanish has a zero-log policy and the fastest connections for firestick so you can stream all your favorite content with no buffering.

They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can try it on your firestick risk-free on unlimited devices.

Step 1: Create your Username & Password for IPVanish VPN.

Step 2: You will receive an activation link to your email address to activate your account. Make sure to click the activation link to activate your account!

Step 3: Go to the IPVanish VPN app on your Fire TV Stick, then enter your username and password, then select Login

Step 4: Once you login it IPVanish VPN, go up to the gear icon in the top right-hand corner and click on it

Step 5: Make sure that Start IPVanish is checked to On

Step 6: Make sure that Startup Connection Action is set to Connect to Fastest Server

Step 7: Make sure that Scramble is checked to On

Step 8: Make sure that Country is set to United States for the best streaming experience

Step 9: Click Connect then click OK to connect to the VPN server

You are now connected to the IPVanish VPN server.

This means your IP Address & location is now changed to the IPVanish zero-log server.

This means whatever you stream now will be completely anonymous with no trace back to you.

Additionally, your personal data is now encrypted from the developers of these third-party Stremio Addons.

Installing Official Stremio Addons

You will need a Stremio account to use the Stremio app on your firestick or android tv devices.

Step 1: If you do not already have a Stremio account, you can make one for free here on the official Stremio website.

Step 2: Once you have your Stremio account created, open the Stremio app on your firestick. Link your account to your firestick by logging into your account on your phone and then scanning the QR code presented on your TV. Alternatively, you can just go to the URL presented on our TV using the same device you are logged into your Stremio account on.

Stremio app

Step 3: You will now see the home screen of Stremio which will show information about trending movies and tv shows, categories, IMBD rating, where to watch and more. Once you have linked your Stremio account, go to the side menu then click on Addons.

Step 4: From here you can see pre-installed Stremio addons you currently have. Navigate to the top menu drop down, then select Official Addons.

From here you can safely installed approved official & legal addons for Stremio.

There is a Community Addons section as well, however these addons may contain malware, spyware, or copyrighted content – so we do not recommend installing any Community Addons and to proceed with caution.

Please stay away from illegal third-party addons since they most likely contain copyrighted content. Stay within the Official Stremio Addons repository to ensure you don’t have exposure to malware, viruses and copyrighted content.

Once you install the best streaming services into Stremio you have access to all of your addons implemented right within the Stremio application.

How to Install Stremio on Fire TV Stick (Shortened List)

Follow the steps below to install Stremio on your firestick:

  1. Go to Settings > My Fire TV > Developer Options
  2. Toggle On β€œApps from unknown sources”
  3. Search for the app β€œDownloader” from the home screen
  4. Download and install the Downloader application
  5. Type in the URL area “” and click Go
  6. Install IPVanish VPN when it finishes downloading
  7. Type in the URL area β€œ” and click Go
  8. Install Stremio when it finishes downloading
  9. Create your username and password for IPVanish VPN
  10. Login to IPVanish VPN and connect to a USA server
  11. Open Stremio > Addons > Official Addons
  12. Select the addons you want to install from the official list
  13. Click on Install
  14. Repeat steps 13 & 14 for as many Stremio Addons as you want

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need a VPN When Using Stremio?

We always recommend using a VPN with zero-logs like IPVanish VPN when using Stremio. The reason is Stremio is an open-sourced software that allows anyone to develop addons. Many of these addons and builds are susceptible to the developers tracking your data and selling it.

If you don't want your personal data to be harvested and sold for advertising purposes, it's always recommended to use a good VPN service with Stremio that will also hide your IP address to prevent your ISP from spying on you. Additionally, a VPN can be used to unblock content that is geo-restricted or blocked by your ISP.

IPVanish VPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it on unlimited devices risk-free.

What Devices Can I Use Stremio On?

Stremio will work on all android devices with ease. This includes but is not limited to, Fire TV Devices, Fire TV Cube, Android TV Boxes, Nvidia Shield etc.

Stremio installation on all of these firestick devices and android devices is very easy when using a good VPN service.

You can also install Stremio on PC or Mac, but we recommend just sticking to Android devices that do not contain sensitive personal information.

Installing Stremio is legal and completely safe.

Where you may run into legal trouble is with the Addons you are using with Stremio.

It is advised to only use Stremio Addons that are verified as legal and that have proper copyright licensing for their content they provide.

If you use third-party Addons, it is recommended to only use them for content on the Public Domain to be safe if you cannot verify the licensing they have.

Always use a good VPN with zero-logs to hide your IP address & encrypt your personal data when using Stremio Addons or Builds.

The use of a VPN with zero-logs will always make your streaming activity completely anonymous.

What About Third-Party Stremio Addons?

We recommend staying away from third-party addon repositories. The reason is that a lot of these repositories contain addons that have copyrighted content and additionally are traditionally laced with malware and spyware to infect your devices.

We would recommend avoiding third-party Stremio Addons such as Torrentio and many others.

What Other Services Can Be Used With Stremio?

When you have Stremio installed, whether it be on a phone, computer or android device you can always add in additional services. Some of the major services used with Stremio are TraktGitHub, a real-debrid account and Premiumize. These services are great additions to working Stremio Addons found in the Official Stremio Addons.

These can help you form playlists, improve scrapers, provide streaming links for video-addons and improve functionality of Stremio.

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