How to Install Zoom on Firestick for Video Meetings

Zoom on Firestick

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Zoom on Firestick – Are you not able to install Zoom on your Firestick? No worries! We are ready to help you!

We will share the quick guide to follow step-by-step how to install and use Zoom on your Firestick.

The same process will follow on other Fire TV devices like Firestick Lite, Fire TV Cube, Firestick 4k etc.

You can also jailbreak your firestick to easily install Zoom as well.


  1. What is Zoom?
  2. Characteristics of Zoom on Firestick
  3. Zoom Packages
  4. Installing Zoom on Firestick
  5. Steps to download and install Zoom app on Firestick through the downloader
  6. FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions)
  7. Conclusion

What is Zoom?

It is the most popular video conferencing platform that you can use to attend business meetings, seminars, and also live sessions. We can easily communicate with anyone by sitting in one place, from any device. Creating the account is not necessary for running zoom, and you can efficiently operate zoom on any software such as IOS, Mac, and on your phone.

Zoom is not old software; it was launched on 12th October 2011 and is mainly used by companies to conduct online meetings, teaching sessions, tutorials, and webinars with employees. But, when the Covid-19 pandemic came in 2020, everywhere there were restrictions for going outside, and schools, offices, and businesses were closed. Zoom was the most helpful software, as most schools used the zoom to conduct classes. People in business and job use this software for conducting regular meetings.

Other platforms also provide video conferencing services, such as google meet and skype. But zoom is the preferable software as it provides more facilities than other software, such as a high number of participants at one time and a whiteboard facility, which other platforms don't provide.

Characteristics of Zoom on Firestick

  • It's simple to combine with your Gmail and Outlook accounts.
  • End-to-end encryption is used to protect all of your video calling and chats.
  • A built-in calendar allows you to keep track of your meetings. It will notify you of upcoming meetings.
  • Through zoom meetings, you can schedule your meetings, and it will start the meeting automatically and notify you.
  • You can also add a virtual background on your screen when your video webcam is on. You can display videos or images on your background, and also you can download the backgrounds.
  • When you are attending a zoom meeting that consists of many members at that time, it's challenging to listen to everyone's questions, and for that, zoom has provided a hand raise option.

Zoom Packages

There are lots of different packages which zoom provides, such as zoom basic, zoom pro, zoom business, zoom enterprise, and zoom room. Below we will discuss them in detail.

1. Zoom Basic/Free Plan: Zoom Basic is the most popular pricing option. This plan allows you to have unlimited one-on-one sessions. However, video conferencing with more than three people is limited to 40 minutes. After 40 minutes, you can start the session again, and by this, you can attend zoom meetings as many times you want.

2. Zoom Pro: This plan provides many more features than the basic plan. If you are working with a small team or plan to conduct long video conferences regularly, then the Pro plan is best for you. It allows hosts to set personnel IDs for recurring meetings and store recorded meetings in the cloud. Moreover, you get time access from 40 minutes to 24 hours. This plan costs $149.90 per year.

3. Zoom Business: The Business tier, which requires at least 10 hosts, makes collaboration simple for small and medium businesses. You'll get company branding on all invitations, specialized customer service, and extra features like auto-generated transcription. For this plan, zoom costs $199.90 per annum.

4. Zoom Enterprise: This is the most superior plan among all the plans. This offer is basically for large businesses, and it requires the registration of at least 100 hosts. Among other things, Enterprise provides limitless cloud storage, a dedicated “client success manager,” and the ability to host 500 people on a single call. This plan is quite expensive as it costs $350 per year.

5. Zoom Rooms: Zoom Rooms are not the same as Zoom Meetings. The first room is for the actual hardware, while the second room is for web conferencing/cloud meetings. After the 30-day free trial, Zoom Rooms cost $49 per month.

Short note of Firestick: Firestick is a very little and smart gadget that connects to your TV through HDMI cable. Voice commands such as Alexa, are also supported by the system’s remote control. You can share the share screen with several users of Zoom.

How to Install Zoom on Amazon Firestick

There are two different ways of downloading the zoom meeting app on Firestick. The first way is that you can directly download it from the Amazon app store, and the second way is to download it from your Firestick. Because, Zoom app is a third party app and you’ll need to sideload it onto your Fire TV Device.

Below, we will discuss both the steps in detail.

Install Zoom on Firestick via Zoom website

  1. First, go to the website by searching
  2. Then the next step is to log in your meeting id, which you are using on your Firestick.
  3. Then on the home page, you will find the search bar, click on the search bar and type Zoom cloud meeting app.
  4. After this, you will reach the zoom cloud meeting page. On that page, click on the Get it application.
  5. Then you will get the option to select your Firestick device; after choosing the Firestick device, click on the install button.
  6. Wait for some time and after the completion of the downloading process, click on the open button.

Install Zoom on Firestick via Invite Link

  1. First, go to the Firestick home screen and then click on the search button and write a zoom meeting.
  2. After reaching the zoom meeting page, click on the Zoom meeting.
  3. Find the get application button and click on it when the screen opens.
  4. After this, they will ask permission to install the app. Click on the YES button to download and install the app.
  5. When the downloading process will complete, click on the open button to use Zoom on the Firestick and your TV.

Install Zoom on Firestick via Downloader

  1. Open Firestick on your TV and go to the settings; you will find it on the home page.
  2. You will find several options when you reach the setting but click on amazon fire TV.
  3. In My Fire TV, click on the developer option; in the developer option, you will get two options, but you have to activate the apps from unknown sources option.
  4. After this, go to the home screen, click on the search button, and type downloader on the search bar.
  5. After this, install a downloader on your Firestick.
  6. Then launch the downloader, click on the browser button, and go to the main page of the Zoom meeting app.
  7. At last, click on the download button and allow the downloader to complete the installation by clicking on the finish button.

FAQ’s ( Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I cast Zoom on My Fire Tv?

You need to follow three steps for casting zoom on My Fire Tv.

Make a Zoom meeting in your browser

Create a zoom account or login if you already have one on the Zoom website. Then choose either Join a Meeting or Host a Meeting, depending on what you want to accomplish. If you're conducting a new meeting, click on it to select the options you'll need. Launch the Zoom client and invite the attendees after that.

Connect your Amazon Firestick to your television

Connect your Amazon Firestick to your TV using an HDMI port cable. Ascertain that your Firestick and computer are both on the same Wi-Fi network. Press and hold the Home button on the Firestick remote. Then, from the list of alternatives, select the mirroring option.

Install Windows 10 and configure the app to mirror to your TV

Look for the Notifications icon on the system where Windows 10 is installed. By clicking the Connect sign, you can connect. After it appears, click on your Firestick to connect it to your computer or laptops. To pause and leave or end the meeting, press the Home button or another button on your Firestick's TV remote.

Is the Amazon Fire tablet suitable for using Zoom?

Zoom is an application we can operate on any Mac, IOS, Android, Windows, etc. Zoom can be operated on the Amazon Fire tablet, along with all these platforms. There are benefits of using it on this tablet as compared to mobile phones, and a person doesn't need to bend and can efficiently operate the app. As a result, instead of stooping over your phone or straining your eyes unnecessarily, the Fire tablet could be the better option.


The Zoom Cloud Meetings software is best suited for home-based business and professional users. Downloading the Zoom cloud meetings software on your Fire TV Stick or Fire TV is a fantastic idea. It enables you to host or participate in Zoom meetings using your smart TV. The steps stated above are straightforward and straightforward to follow. If you use a Firestick, you should have no trouble getting Zoom to function on your TV.

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