How to Jailbreak a Firestick (April 2021)

How to Jailbreak a Firestick

So, today I am going to show you how to jailbreak a firestick.

This firestick jailbreak process is also called “side-loading”. Side loading means installing third-party streaming apps onto a FireStick or Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Basically, we are installing third-party applications that are not in the Amazon App Store / Google Play Store. We will download and install them onto the firestick device using an application called Downloader.

This will work for ANY version of the Fire TV Stick. This includes the Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Cube and so on. Any and all generations will work including all new firesticks.

So if you are asking how to jailbreak a firestick, how to jailbreak a firestick lite, how to jailbreak firestick 4K and so on, then this simple step by step tutorial will show how to jailbreak any firestick.

The entire process is done right on your FireStick, and does not require a computer or additional equipment.

When I show you how to jailbreak a firestick, I will be showing you the best third-party streaming apps.

I have manually tested out dozens and dozens of different apps. I have established these apps combined are the best firestick setup you can have.

With this you can stream free new movies & TV shows, free IPTV, and free live sports. All directly on your Amazon Fire TV Stick!

So, let's get right into the FireStick jailbreak process (also known as “side-loading”).

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How to Jailbreak Firestick – April 2021 [Complete Guide]

VPN Protection Username & Password 🚨​ 🚨

Turn on ADB Debugging & Apps from Unknown Sources

Step 1: Go to the Home Screen on your Fire TV Stick by clicking the Home Button on your Fire TV Stick Remote


Step 2: Go to Settings on the Home Screen of your Fire TV Stick


Step 3: Select My Fire TV from the menu of options


Step 4: Select Developer Options


Step 5: Turn on ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources


Install Downloader

Step 1: Go back to the Home Screen on your Fire TV Stick by clicking the Home Button on your Fire TV Stick Remote


Step 2: Go Find then click on the Search icon. Search for Downloader


Step 3: Select Downloader from the list of options and click Download. Downloader will then automatically install


Install FileLinked

FileLinked is a third-party application that you can use to quickly install multiple third-party apps.

Normally, you would have to enter each link one-by-one in the Downloader App to get all third-party apps.

With FileLinked, you can access my specific FileLinked app store. This store will have all third-party apps ready to install with the click of a button.

I will show you how to access the Cord Cutters Anonymous FileLinked Store. Then from there we can install the best third-party apps onto the FireStick.

Step 1: Select Open to open the Downloader app once installed. Then click Allow then click OK

Step 2: Go up to the URL area and type in then click Go

Step 3: Once FileLinked is done downloading, click on Install. Filelinked will then install on your device

Enter Cord Cutters Anonymous FileLinked Code

The Cord Cutters Anonymous FileLinked Store is the best app store for Fire TV Sticks. The store has tons of different third-party applications.

These third-party applications will allow you to watch free live tv, movies, tv shows, live sports and more.

This tutorial is updated monthly after extensive research. This will always show you the best applications you should have on your Fire TV Stick devices. With these apps you will have the best streaming experience possible. So make sure to bookmark this page!

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Step 1: Once FileLinked has installed, click on Open

Step 2: Click into Enter Code. Once you click there, type in 79217215 then click Continue

Install IPVanish VPN

When jailbreaking your firestick you need to use a VPN.

A VPN will make you completely anonymous while streaming content through third-party apps. This means what you stream with third-party apps your identifying IP Address ( will be hidden from your ISP & Governments.

This is a crucial step in the process to protect yourself from your ISP & Governments. A VPN will also protect your personal data from the developers of these Third-Party Addons or Builds.

IPVanish VPN has a zero-log policy and the fastest connection for Android Devices that you use on unlimited devices.

Please stay away from free VPNs since they will harvest your personal data and sell it. They are free for a reason!!!

Step 1: In the FileLinked store, select the Download button next to IPVanish VPN

Step 2: Once IPVanish VPN is done downloading, click on the Play button

Step 3: Select Install from the popup menu. Once IPVanish VPN is done installing, go ahead and click on Done

Install MX Player Pro

MX Player Pro is a media player that is used to play videos in full screen from the other apps we will be using.

This application makes it easy to rewind, fast forward, pause and add subtitles to a Movie or TV show.

Step 1: In the FileLinked store, select the Download button next to MX Player Pro

Step 2: Once MX Player Pro is done downloading, click on the Play button

Step 3: Select Install from the popup menu. Once MX Player Pro is done installing, go ahead and click on Done

Install FilmPlus

Now that we have IPVanish VPN and MX Player Pro installed, we are going to install the FilmPlus App.

FilmPlus will allow you to watch almost any movie or tv show ever made in existence. This will allow you to watch movies & tv shows in HD quality right on your Fire TV Stick.

FilmPlus works as an app on your Fire TV Stick and has a very user-friendly interface to navigate.

Step 1: Navigate down in the FileLinked store until you see the banner for Free Movies & TV Shows Apps

Step 2: Scroll down in the Free Movies & TV Shows Apps section until you find FilmPlus. Click the Download button

Step 3: Once FilmPlus is done downloading, click on the Play button

Step 4: Select Install from the popup menu. Once FilmPlus is done installing, go ahead and click on Done

Install Live NetTV

Live NetTV will allow you to watch free live tv with hundreds of channels in almost any country. This is an easy-to-use app with a great interface.

Live NetTV has over 1,000 live tv channels readily available to stream for free. It also has some premium movie channels and sports channels as well.

Each channel has multiple streaming links so there is hardly ever a channel that you can't access at any given time within the app.

Step 1: Navigate down in the FileLinked store until you see the banner for Free Live TV Apps

Step 2: Scroll down in the Free Live TV Apps section until you find Live NetTV. Click the Download button

Step 3: Once Live NetTV is done downloading, click on the Play button

Step 4: Select Install from the popup menu. Once Live NetTV is done installing, go ahead and click on Done

Install Sport Live Pro

Sport Live Pro will allow you to watch any sport live right on your firestick for free. This includes live football, soccer, basketball, baseball, mma, professional wrestling, boxing and more.

You can stream each individual game of any sport for free, including PPV events, with this application.

This is my favorite app in the bunch, and is a must have for sport lovers.

Step 1: Navigate down in the FileLinked store until you see the banner for Free Live Sports Apps

Step 2: Scroll down in the Free Live Sports Apps section until you find Sport Live Pro. Click the Download button

Step 3: Once Sport Live Pro is done downloading, click on the Play button

Step 4: Select Install from the popup menu. Once Sport Live Pro is done installing, go ahead and click on Done

Install Mouse Toggle

Mouse Toggle will allow you to navigate in the Sport Live Pro app freely.

This basically acts as a computer mouse on your firestick that you can easily control with your firestick remote.

Step 1: Navigate down in the FileLinked store until you see the banner for Utility Apps

Step 2: Scroll down in the Utility Apps section until you find Mouse Toggle.

Make sure to install the proper version that is needed for your exact firestick model. You can see your firestick model under Settings -> My Fire TV -> About.

Click the Download button.

Step 3: Once Mouse Toggle is done downloading, click on the Play button

Step 4: Select Install from the popup menu. Once Mouse Toggle is done installing, go ahead and click on Done

Install Set Orientation

Set Orientation will make it so that Sport Live Pro opens up in full screen on your TV.

Step 1: Navigate down in the FileLinked store until you see the banner for Utility Apps

Step 2: Scroll down in the Utility Apps section until you find Set Orientation. Click the Download button

Step 3: Once Set Orientation is done downloading, click on the Play button

Step 4: Select Install from the popup menu. Once Set Orientation is done installing, go ahead and click on Done

Setup Set Orientation

Now that we have installed all of the apps we need, let's set up these apps properly so everything works as it should.

Step 1: Hold the Home button on your Fire TV Stick for 3 seconds until you see the Shortcut Menu appear

Step 2: Select Apps from the Shortcut Menu to see all of your installed applications

Step 3: Find Set Orientation and click on the application. From the dropdown menu select Automatic (Full) then click OK

Setup Mouse Toggle

Now we need to set up Mouse Toggle so that we can navigate properly in the Sport Live Pro app.

This app will act as a mouse on your screen while within the Sport Live Pro app so you can select streams of different sports.

Step 1: Find Mouse Toggle in your installed applications and click on the application to open it

Step 2: Wait about 10-20 seconds in the Mouse Toggle app for the Allow USB Debugging popup to appear. Click Always Allow From This Computer then click OK.

If you do not see the popup immediately, try toggling Mouse Toggle to OFF then back to ON

Step 3: Make sure Enable the mouse service is toggled to ON. You will then see Status: Started in the bottom left hand corner

Setup IPVanish VPN

Now that we have jailbroken the firestick always make sure to have IPVanish VPN running in the background.

The VPN will ensure you stay completely anonymous online to your ISP, Governments & Developers of these third-party apps while streaming.

This is a very important step to do before using any of these third-party apps on your firestick.

IPVanish has a zero-log policy and the fastest connections for firestick so you can stream all content with no buffering.

They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can try it on your firestick risk-free on unlimited devices.


Step 1: Create your Username & Password for IPVanish VPN

Step 2: You will receive an activation link to your email address to activate your account. Make sure to click the activation link to activate your account!

Step 2: Go to the IPVanish VPN App on your Fire TV Stick, then enter your username and password and click on Login

Step 3: Once you login to IPVanish VPN, go up to the gear icon in the top right-hand corner and click on it

Step 4: Make sure that Start IPVanish is checked to ON

Step 5: Make sure that Startup Connection Action is set to Connect to Fastest Server

Step 6: Make sure that Scramble is checked to ON

Step 7: Set Country to United States

Step 8: Click Connect then click OK to connect to the IPVanish VPN server

You are now connected to the IPVanish VPN server.

Your IP Address & location is now changed to the IPVanish zero-log server.

This means whatever you stream now will be completely anonymous with zero trace back to you.

Additionally, your personal data is now encrypted from the creators of these third-party apps.

Use Your Third-Party Apps for Free Streaming

Since it is much easier to explain by example – I will leave the video portion below to show you how to use each third-party application for the best experience.

The video portion will show you how to customize each third-party application and how to use them properly for the best user experience.

How to Use FilmPlus, Live NetTV and Sport Live Pro (13:10 Mark in the Video):

I hope this step by step tutorial was helpful to you. Make sure to bookmark this page as it will always be updated with the latest setup. Please feel free to show appreciation by subscribing to my main YouTube channel and my secondary YouTube channel.

Below I will have more FAQs to learn more about jailbreaking a firestick if you are interested in understanding the topic more.

Feel free to browse some articles on the website to see additional apps you can install on your firestick. You likely will not need any additional ones with this firestick setup. However, it’s fun to check out other apps to see what else is out there.

To save you some time below is an updated list of my favorite firestick apps for free movies and free live tv. All of the apps listed below are available in the Cord Cutters Anonymous FileLinked store.

What Does Jailbreaking a Firestick Mean?

Basically, jailbreaking a firestick is just removing restrictions on the device. This will allow you to install third-party apps not available in the normal Amazon app store.

These apps that you can install through the jailbreaking process will allow you to access free content. The content includes free live TV, free IPTV, free movies & TV shows, free music plus more free content.

Technically, this process is actually called firestick side-loading. The process is truly just side loading third-party applications onto the device.

The entire process is generally called jailbreaking a firestick or a firestick jailbreak. So for the sake of the popularity of the term, that is the title of this article to keep things simple.

How to Jailbreak Firestick

When you are jailbreaking a laptop, computer or iPhone iOS you are installing modified firmware (or new operating system) onto the device.

Fortunately, when you jailbreak a Fire TV Stick you are just side loading third-party applications! This easy process will give you a fully loaded firestick.

Once we are done removing the firestick restrictions we can then side-load the new applications.

This jailbreaking process can be done right on the Fire TV Stick when it is plugged into your TV. It does NOT require a computer or other hardware.

History Of The Firestick Jailbreak

The Amazon Firestick has a pre installed Amazon App Store, which allows you to install different applications on your Fire TV device.

This store includes many popular apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Disney Plus, ESPN+, YouTube, Downloader and more.

All of these apps have to be approved by Amazon in order to be in the store, so the hurdle to make it into the store is large.

Amazon has been historically against apps that allow cheaper streaming options, most notably with the removal of the Kodi application from their store in 2015.

With the removal of this application that was popularly used by Firestick owners to watch free content, users started to jailbreak their Fire TV Sticks.

Since so many users were in the market for third-party applications to watch free live tv, movies & tv shows, many new apps have been developed since.

These applications, also known as APKs (Android Package Application), are extremely easy to install, setup and use on the Firestick.

The reason these apps are so easy to install on a Firestick is because a Firestick runs on an Android operating system.

So basically, jailbreaking is just installing the apps already made for the operating system from an App Store outside of the Amazon App Store.

This process will not work on a Roku or Apple TV device because those devices run on an operating system other than an Android operating system.

This means these third-party APKs will NOT work on a Roku or Apple TV device.

Which Firestick Can I Jailbreak?

A common misconception is you need a specific type of Amazon Fire TV Stick to jailbreak it.

You can jailbreak ANY firestick easily and do so with the complete tutorial at the top of this page.

So again, if you are asking how to jailbreak firestick, how to jailbreak firestick 4K, how to jailbreak a firestick lite etc… then the tutorial below will show how to jailbreak any firestick that you have.

You can also install the APKs from the jailbreak above on any device with an Android Operating System.

This means you can apply this jailbreak to Nvidia Shield, Android TV Boxes, Android Phones and anything else with an Android Operating System.

This will NOT work for devices such as Roku or Apple TV because they are on different operating systems.

Is Jailbreak Firestick Illegal?

Is Jailbreaking a Firestick Illegal

You may be wondering – is it illegal to jailbreak a firestick?

NO – It is not illegal to install third-party applications onto your device.

Assuming everything you are streaming while using these third-party apps on your streaming device is on the Public Domain, you are all set.

However, if you are using a third-party application to stream copyrighted content that isn’t on the Public Domain then you could find yourself in hot water with your Internet Service Provider or Government depending on federal streaming laws.

That is why it's very important to protect your online identity. Your current identifying IP Address is by the way, which can be used to personally identify you by your ISP, Governments and even scarier the developers of these third party apps. Make sure to completely mask your IP address from your ISP, Government and the developers of these third-party applications by using a good & reliable VPN service for the firestick with no logs like IPVanish VPN.

When you are connected to the IPVanish VPN app on your firestick, phone or computer – your IP Address and personal data will be encrypted by their servers which gives you a new IP Address which cannot be tied back to you since IPVanish has a strict zero log policy.

So basically, when you connect to the IPVanish App on your firestick, any data being transmitted to or from your device goes through one of their servers first. This means your personal data is encrypted so your ISP, Government and Developers of these third-party apps cannot see who you are or what you are accessing.

Always make sure to use a good VPN with a zero log policy while jailbreaking your firestick and using third-party applications to protect yourself from your ISP, Government and the developers of these third-party applications.

One other word of advice – if you are thinking of using a free VPN service it is not worth your time. Free VPNs are free for a reason. They will log your data to sell it and also will have terrible connections which will make streaming without buffering nearly impossible within these third-party applications on your firestick.

Where Can I Buy An Amazon Fire TV Stick?

For purchasing an Amazon Fire TV Stick, the easiest option is to purchase it through

They will have all available versions ready to ship right to you and will basically turn any TV with an HDMI port into a smart TV.

If you want it immediately, you can check out your local Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, GameStop or Staples. Just give them a call before heading over to see if they have any in stock.

For the type of Fire TV Stick you purchase, you have a few options, all of which will work with the firestick jailbreak process.

The most common is the standard Fire TV Stick, which has picture quality up to 1080p along with buttons on the remote to control your TV volume.

The most expensive version is the Fire TV Stick 4K, which has picture quality up to 4K plus the volume buttons. If you have a 4K TV and want 4K picture quality, you should purchase this one.

The least expensive version is the Fire TV Stick Lite. This version is the same as the Fire TV Stick with 1080p, but no volume buttons on the remote.

The last version is the Fire TV Cube which is basically a hands free version of the firestick where you can ask Alexa out loud instead of using a remote.

Fire TV Devices

The Fire TV Cube also has 16GB of storage included and a built-in speaker so you can speak with Alexa to control the Fire TV Stick for you.

The hardware specs for all of these devices are the same, with the Fire TV Cube having a slightly weaker processor for speed. All other versions have the same processor and storage capacity. So, it comes down to preference and budget.

What is an APK?

APK stands for Android Package Kit. Basically, it is a file type that is specifically for Android Operating Systems.

An APK file is just a fancy way of saying a downloading file for an Android Operating System that will allow you to install an Application easily.

Using APKs is perfect for the FireStick because it runs on an Android Operating System, so it can easily take these files and install applications from downloading and installing the APKs.

What makes APKs great for the firestick, is basically you can have a FileLinked Store, or a one-stop-shop for APK files, and use these files to install applications right on your Amazon Firestick extremely fast and very easily.

What is IPTV?

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. Basically, it is streaming live tv channels to your device via the internet.

This means that instead of using a cable cord like you would with a typical cable subscription, you are just using your WiFi to stream a tv channel right to your device via the internet instead of cable cord.

What makes IPTV so great is there is no setup, and no cable guy telling you to sit home from the hours of 6AM – 8PM (I say that half jokingly).

All you do is find an IPTV provider, or even better, a free IPTV service so you can stream live tv channels right to your devices.

When it comes to the Amazon Firestick, there is an abundance of free IPTV APKs available where you can install a free IPTV app right on your Firestick and watch free live TV in any country.

Free live tv streaming is possible with IPTV APKs.

What is Kodi?

So for those of you who don't know, Kodi is a Media Center. You can install Kodi on your firestick which can then have “Kodi addons” or “Kodi builds” installed into it.

Installing Kodi has been extremely popular since it was the original way to jailbreak a firestick.

Since it was the only way to jailbreak a firestick back then, people were more willing to deal with the slow speeds and interface to get free content.

However, now there are dozens of very fast and high functioning APKs available. These can be installed right on your firestick and get to your content much faster.

Kodi in my opinion has become far superior to these third party apps in regards to reliability & speed. Kodi Leia seems to be very slow on all firesticks and takes forever to find working streams.

It all comes down to personal preference. For me the time it takes for me to find a show, click it then watch it in HD quality is most important.

Kodi Leia I have found myself historically waiting for the interface to load for 30-60+ seconds for each click. Then I have found the addons stop working or have bad streams after a while.

I have found that third party APKs tend to be more reliable in the long run and stream much faster. When I click to a new screen it loads instantly so I can select what I want to watch.

The streaming sources for the third party APKs seem to be more reliable as well. Kodi tends to be watered down with bad streaming links which are a pain to remove.

The third party APKS I can access a Movie, TV Show, Live TV Channel or Live Sports Game in under a minute.

For me, that is most important for my streaming experience. I have made the switch over to strictly APKs and removed Kodi from my firestick.

If you still want to give Kodi a chance, you can check out the best Kodi Addons. From there you can see if you enjoy the user experience more than I do.

Best Free IPTV APKs for Firestick

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. IPTV basically means you are just streaming live TV to your device through your WiFi connection.

There are tons of great Free IPTV APKs (Android Package Kit) available that act as a Free Live TV app. These can be used to stream thousands of channels across the world.

Each APK has something different to offer like different streams, better quality, less buffering, larger library, ease of use etc.

So each APK below has something to offer that you may be looking for in a Free IPTV APK.


OLA TV 10 is a great free IPTV if you want to watch free live TV in any country.

The library for OLA TV 10 is absolutely HUGE and offers almost any channel you can think of.

Additionally, the streams within OLA TV 10 are super high quality with HD free live tv and no buffering.

There are a few downsides however.

For one, the way OLA TV 10 is organized is not very user friendly and the interface is very clunky and can take a while to load.

Additionally, you have to use Ludio Player and KShaw in conjunction with OLA TV 10 or the app won't work.

Both of those additional apps can and must be installed when within OLA TV 10 when prompted.

Once you have everything setup, you also need to use Mouse Toggle. This will allow you to add anything to your favorite using the Star button in the top right hand corner of a channel.

Your favorite are then stored in KShaw which you can use to play just your favorite channels.

OLA TV 10 will allow you to watch Free IPTV / Free Live TV in Afghanistan, Australia, Arabia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Ethiopia, Fiji, Finland, France, Georgia, Greece, Guatemala, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Korea, Kuwait, Liberia, Libya, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Niue, Norfolk Island, Northern Mariana Islands, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Palau, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom (Britain / UK), United States of America (USA), and Yemen. This also works in North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia as well.

RedBox TV

RedBox TV is a great Free Live TV APK that has tons of different countries and tv channels.

This free IPTV app is very similar to the layout of Live NetTV with how it looks and user interface.

It is a very easy app to use with how simple the setup is, and it's really easy to find a channel fast.

There are multiple streams to pick from when you select a show. So you have multiple options in most cases.

However, one thing that is lacking is the ability to customize the interface like you can with Live NetTV.

You are unable to hide certain countries or categories from the home screen of the app. This makes it harder to find the channels you want.

You can also hold the center button while on a channel. This will easily add it to your favorites to view in the favorites section.

Additionally, you can use MX Player Pro with this app as your media player to have streams play in full screen.

This is one of the most simple and intuitive free live tv apps out there. It is a great backup if any stream isn't working in Live NetTV.

TVTap Pro

TVTap Pro is a great free IPTV APK that has tons of different channels. It also has channels in many different countries as well.

This application will be great for you regardless of which country you want to watch free IPTV.

The interface is also very easy to use. You simply click on a channel then put it in full screen to watch.

You can also use MX Player Pro with this application. This will have your shows appear in full screen in one click.

There is a great search function you can use as well to find channels fast. You can then add them to your favorite for easy access.

They have tv channel categories in this app for Entertainment, Movies, Music, News, Sports, Documentary, Kids and Food.

They also have a built in TV Guide section where you can see upcoming football/soccer games for most major leagues across the world.

This app also has the option to use your idle resources if you want to remove the ads, but again I recommend staying away from that option and decline the use of idle resources in the settings of the app.

Overall TVTap Pro is one of the most robust and also easy to use apps, making it one of the best free live tv apps out there to jailbreak a firestick with.

USA / UK TV & Radio

This application works great for watching local news channels and tv stations in the USA and UK.

There is a separate app for the USA and separate app for the UK.

There are tons of different channels to see in this app for both countries with a huge library of options.

You can also use this application with MX Player Pro for the best streaming experience and have it play in full screen for you easily.

When setting up the app, you want to make sure to use Simple Mode, and to select Use Alternative List Source before selecting TV or Radio.

Once you do that, you can see the entire list of TV channels or Radio Stations that you can choose from to stream.

You can easily add a channel to you favorites by holding the center button your firestick remote while over a channel then selecting Yes to add to favorites.

Then you can see all of your favorite channels right within the app and stream them easily either with the built in internal player or MX Player Pro.

If you are in the USA or UK, this is a great application to use on how to jailbreak a firestick.


Mobdro was recently shut down and is no longer working. It was one of the oldest free IPTV APKs out there, and was a great option for many years.

It appears it is no longer coming back as the developer of the application was recently arrested.

A great alternative for Mobdro, is Live NetTV, OLA TV 10 or US TV & Radio. All apps are in my FileLinked store code 79217215.

A lot of people miss the 24/7 channels that Mobdro has to offer. I would recommend checking out OLA TV since they have 24/7 channels.

Best Free Movie Apps for Firestick

Cinema HD

Cinema HD is a third-party application that is very similar to FilmPlus and Terrarium TV.

It has almost any TV Show or Movie that you would want to stream completely for free!

The setup for Cinema HD is very intuitive and has a section dedicated for Movies and TV Shows.

You can also tie your Real-Debrid account into Cinema HD which will allow the unlocking of more HD and 4K streams.

You can also adjust the settings in Cinema HD in order to set your default media player, change icon sizes and default screen settings.

A pro-tip for using Cinema HD is to always select streams that have a low MegaByte number next to them.

For example, a 200MB stream will have less buffering than a 2.4GB stream. This will limit firestick buffering if your firestick keeps buffering. If you have a good internet connection you will not have to worry.


The PikaShow app is great for one-click new Movies and TV shows all for free.

PikaShow allows you to just click on a Movie or TV Show and it will start to play automatically in HD or 4K quality.

There will also be no buffering and no lagging with this app, so it saves time in trying to find a working stream like in other apps.

PikaShow also has Bollywood movies for free and Hollywood movies for free.

There are tons of different languages for each movie, and if you want to change the language audio for a movie you can do so easily in the built in player.

This application has a library smaller than apps like Cinema HD and others. However the streams work flawlessly which makes it a great firestick jailbreak app for free movies.


CyberFlix is very similar to CinemaHD and FilmPlus in layout and general feel.

It also has a large library as well, with nearly every Movie or TV Show you can think of.

The downside is that CyberFlix seems to have less streams available than FilmPlus which makes it an inferior app overall.

However, this is a good backup app to have if FilmPlus does not have streams available for a show or movie, because CyberFlix tends to scrape the internet in different areas for streams.

So, if you have this app as a backup for streams that you can't find, you may just get lucky.


BeeTV is an application that has thousands of free Movies & TV Shows widely available.

There also is a very large Anime section in BeeTV which makes it a popular choice for Anime fans to watch Anime for free on firestick.

The layout is again similar to Cinema HD & FilmPlus, however, there are ads throughout the application.

The ads may make it a less enjoyable experience using the app, however, it still is a great alternative and has tons of streams widely available.

The streams that it scrapes will tell you the Speed, Quality, and if it is a Trusted Source which is a great feature. Trusted Source meaning that the site has been vetted for having high quality streams.

This application also works with Real-Debrid, AllDebrid, Premiumize and Trakt.TV which makes it an attractive option for users of those services.

Basically, using those services will allow you access to more HD streams but at a monthly cost.


TeaTV is a great free app for streaming basically any Movie or TV Show right on your jailbroken firestick.

It also has a great feature to watch Free Live TV in the app as well by just adding an M3U link.

There are plenty of free M3U links available on the internet. You can add an M3U link for a live TV playlist and watch it from there.

This app also works with Trakt.TV, Real-Debrid and Premiumize which is a great additional feature.

I would say the Categorization of this application is one of the cleanest. You can find the exact genre and year of a show or movie you want to watch.

The streams for this app are lacking compared to FilmPlus since FilmPlus has Real-Debrid built in for free. It still a great list of streams available without Real-Debrid.


JetBox is a great application that is super simple and to the point for free Movies & TV Shows.

The layout is much simpler than most of the apps on this list. The streams available are less in quantity but higher quality.

This app also has a good filter for choosing genre and category. This makes it simple and fast to find a movie.

Like most other apps it also has a search function to search for the application you want.

This app can also be used with external players such as MX Player Pro. This will allow you to easily add subtitles to a Movie or TV Show.

FilmPlus will likely always be superior in having streams available for very niche Movies or TV Shows. This is because FilmPlus has Real-Debrid links built in for free unlike the JetBox app.

Nevertheless, this is still a great backup application to have. It is simple for anyone to use when you jailbreak a firestick with this.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a free apk that you can use to download free movies right onto your Fire TV Stick.

You can use Popcorn Time for HD Movies, free download right on your Fire TV Stick.

Using this firestick jailbreak app is easy to use so you know how to download movies for free on your firestick instantly.

Firestick storage is very low right out of the box.  You can increase firestick storage with a USB thumb drive and adapter. These are very cheap and can be found on Amazon.

Once you have that setup, you can download movies for free using the Popcorn Time application. Now you can watch them without WiFi and have zero lag.

Always make sure to use the best VPN service when downloading any content for firestick. The best VPN for FireStick in my experience is IPVanish VPN. You can try IPVanish with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This will  hide your online activities and usage data while using these streaming services. You can sign-up from the following URL: IPVanish VPN

I would not recommend ExpressVPN for the firestick. The connections are very slow and many of the channels still remain blocked with this VPN.

Best All-In-One Apps for Jailbreaking Firestick

UK Turks

UThe UK Turks App is a great addition to have on your jailbroken firestick.

It is very easy to navigate throughout the app since it has a very unique and intuitive layout.

There is a section for Live TV, TV Shows, Movies, Documentaries, Standup Comedy, Cartoons, Concerts and Radio.

The Stand Up Comedy section is a great addition since those are hard to find in almost any other app out there.

The Concert Section is great as well where you can find some awesome throw-back live concerts as well as newer artists.

However, I will say that the Concert and Standup Section have a lot of broken links but still you should be able to find something to keep you entertained.

There is also a favorites section as well where you can add your favorites from each of those categories and have them all in one place.

This app is a spinoff of the Kodi Addon which this was for years, but it is now an APK that is light and easy to use on the firestick.

I recommend sticking to APKs on the firestick since Kodi runs extremely slow on the firestick and often is extremely unreliable with having links that work consistently on your jailbroken firestick.


Strix is an all-in-one application that you can add onto your Amazon Firestick for free.

It is very easy to use and setup. Once you install it, make sure to enter the code 229156 to access all of the free content.

Within the applications, you will see a section for Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Sports TV and Adult XXX.

The Movie and TV Shows section works great and you can setup links to play within MX Player for you.

The Live TV section works great as well for multiple countries, but it does not have the most extensive library.

The Sport TV section is pretty great, however my one complaint is it is very unorganized and difficult to navigate to find new channels.

Overall this is a great all-in-one app if you just want to add a single app to your firestick to use for entertainment to keep things super simple for your firestick jailbreak.

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57 thoughts on “How to Jailbreak a Firestick (April 2021)”

  1. Hi I am having issues with my firestick I jail broke it in nov. It worked great then just stopped working. I put on another TV and now it semi works. The resbix wants some update done but I get error that Amazon does not do those updates. and film plus wont let me watch anything. It would be helpful maybe to know how to fix these issues and how to install new apps you suggest. Thank you

    1. Hi!

      The jailbreak on this blog is the most up to date version. Currently, removing Redbox TV from your firestick and replacing it with Live NetTV using the tutorial above will give you the best experience for streaming live tv.

      As far as fixing FilmPlus streams loading, try force closing the app and then the streams will populate again.

      To do this, go to settings -> applications -> manage installed applications -> FilmPlus -> Force Close

      Make sure to bookmark this page as I will update it every month with the latest jailbreak setup, and make sure to join the newsletter also where I will keep everyone updated if something goes down in the current month’s setup and how to fix it to make it easy to stay up-to-date!

    2. Film plus stopped working on mine also I deleted the version that had no ads mod and downloaded the one that has ads and it now works. The ads are only there while ur looking for a movie to watch they dont show up while the movie itself is playing

      1. Try force closing the apps and links should reappear. Go to settings -> applications -> manage installed applications -> Typhoon TV -> Force close.

        I also would recommend Cinema HD over Typhoon TV since Cinema HD will have many more high quality streams available. Hope this helps!

  2. I’m having difficulty with the Live TV Net app. Whenever I attempt to watch a show I receive an “Error fetching data 48×608” message under any channel that falls under Entertainment.

    1. It may mean that the channel may be down in live net tv. A good alternative app you can use to access any channels that may be down is TV Tap Pro or Red Box TV from my file linked store. Both are great apps and you can see which one you like best.

    1. Some US channels may be down in the Live Net TV app. A good alternative app you can use to access any channels that may be down is TV Tap Pro or Red Box TV from my file linked store. Both are great apps and you can see which one you like best.

  3. Hello,
    My live net TV app is showing a fetching error data 48×608 When I try to view A live channel. Does someone have a tip to correct this.
    Thank you

    1. It may mean that the channel may be down in live net tv. A good alternative app you can use to access any channels that may be down is TV Tap Pro or Red Box TV from my file linked store. Both are great apps and you can see which one you like best.

    1. The Sport Live Pro app is updated in my FileLinked store with the newest version which has somewhat larger text and also highlights the stream you are over now to make it easier to navigate! Works great for streaming live sporting events for free!

    1. It can be used on a computer monitor, however using it on a laptop is not plug and play, you would need extra equipment like a capture card to allow it to display on your laptop, then you would have to watch the video/audio in a capture card recording software. So I guess yes it’s possible, but the capture card will cost more than the Firestick itself and also will be a pain to set everything up. A tv or computer monitor would be the best bet for watching instantly and seamlessly

  4. Good evening,

    First, great YouTube video – perfectly detailed instructions / easy to understand. Second, quick question: Any thoughts on why I would be experiencing continued buffering while watching a 200 – 300 MB video file with a 1 GB internet connection? It happens so often the expereince is not worth the content & it would seem unlike that the bandwidth would be the issue.

    I would certainly be interested in your thoughts / tips.



    1. Thank you! As far as streaming and experience with lag, the lower MB stream you select the better it will stream. Make sure the VPN is on as well since some internet service providers will throttle your internet speed for connecting to certain sites. If your speeds are still slow, maybe try setting the vpn to the best connection in your own country and see if that fixes it!

    1. Does it work at all when navigating on the Home Screen with the audible clicking noises? If not, try resetting your firestick and make sure your tv volume is loud enough. If it is just a stream without audio, try selecting a different stream

  5. I have a jailbroke amazon stick, my question is how do I update it? Actually I have 2, but 1 I haven’t used and the other is not working right at all…

    1. So I would bookmark this page and sign-up for the newsletter in this blog (updated monthly) to always have the most optimal setup. If the setup changes in a given month you can just delete the old apps and replace them with the better ones. The newsletter will also tell you that and will notify you if / when an app goes down then how to fix it or replace it quickly. Hope this helps!

  6. Some apps in filelinked have a ! instead of a download button. Mobdro, Beetv, Teatv, and others. When clicked on shows error code 404. I’ve tried reinstalling Filelinked but that does not fix anything. Help?

  7. Can’t seem to navigate away from nfl in the sports app. Anyone have any tips? Followed the setup, everything else seems to work except that.

    1. I would make sure to activate the mouse toggle app so you can use it to navigate. Go to mouse toggle, toggle it to off then back on, and the when there is a popup click “Allow USB Debugging” and it then should turn to on. You can then use the mouse toggle in the sport live pro app by double clicking the play button on your firestick remote really fast and then use the mouse toggle to click the button in the top right hand corner to then select your sport. Hope this is helpful and let me know if you have anymore questions!

  8. I’m looking for an app that will give me TV listings and over the air listings. Ive seen you tube videos on TV 24 TV guide app, but they show it thru aptiode. I can’t find it thru filelinked nor download it thru downloader( google play store). Being able to have an app that I can check listings would save lots of time. TV 24 seems like a good answer but how do I get it?

  9. This process was really well described and I am excited to get started. The one roadblock I have is that the recommended mouse toggle app on cordcutters can’t be downloaded. I’m getting a message that “The file is probably offline or broken…”

    Just wanted you to know that it needs fixing! I’ll keep checking back at the store to see if/when it becomes available…

    Thank you!

  10. The whole Jailbreak Firestick experience is wonderful. I’m learning a great deal. But not watching as much as I would like. My problem or worry is when I choose a major new movie through Netflix or any other major movie site it mentions charges or fees of some kind. Or even joining them. My stick is “registered” thru Amazon with my info. Should I deregister my stick? And then would I truly have free content? I do have a paid VPN which is “on”, I do check to see if it is on. As a cord cutter I want free, free, free.
    Next, I still get my Wi-Fi from my cable company, I do plan on changing that in the future. What does one do in a “black out” or local lost of power situation? Thanks in advance for your reply.

    1. Hey! So with this jailbreak you will only need to use FilmPlus for movies and Live Net TV for live tv. You will not need any other apps on your firestick to stream content if that makes sense. As far as switching to just WiFi, that is a great call since it is much cheaper and if the power goes out, regardless your tv/cable will not work – so might as well go with the cheaper version of just WiFi with your ISP. Make sure your VPN is always running so that if your ISP tries to block you from accessing streams within these apps you can bypass it and also stream everything anonymously. Hope this helps!

  11. Love the Jailbreak. Having a issue with the sports live pro. I cannot get the mouse toggle to work on full version. or up down will not scroll from nba to mlb or whatever. Any help.

    1. Try uninstalling mouse toggle. Reenter the filelinked code and reinstall the version that is for your firestick. Once you open mouse toggle, toggle it from off to on, then allow USB debugging, then when you go into sport live pro and double click the play button fast it will work

  12. I downloaded GSE IPTV thru’ download app. It is the version with ads. How can I switch to the pro paid version? Keep up the good work . A lot of very interesting info!

    1. Love the Jailbreak. I watched your video step by step everything went great and got to the part where I Downloaded everything and click back home But everything I downloaded is not in the apps or channels page. Any suggestions

      1. I would go to settings -> applications -> manage installed applications. From there you can see all of the apps you installed. I would then uninstall each of the apps from there, reset your firestick, then reinstall them and they should appear properly in your apps & channels.

  13. Is there any app with castilian spanish language contents?

    Thanks. I am waiting to a good offer for the new Fire Stick 2021, when I buy it I will try your tutorial.

    1. Yes use the app P Movies from my filelinked store it has content that is specifically for Spanish dubs for movies and tv shows. For live tv, I’d recommend OLA TV 14 from my filelinked store and use station H-42 it will have many Spanish channels

  14. I am trying to install and have been blocked by Centurylink mcafee. Is there a way around this?

    1. Make sure to disable Mcafee on your device. You can go to settings -> applications -> manage installed applications. From there you can find the centurylink mcafee app and then uninstall it. Once you install filelinked you can reinstall the mcafee application

      1. I managed to get everything installed. All apps working but I am having a bad buffering and screen freezing about every 2-3 minutes. I have a good WIFI signal and internes speed. Is there anything I can do to reduce buffering?

        1. Hmm do you have the VPN running? Your ISP may be throttling your speeds which the VPN would bypass. Also make sure to always select movies and tv shows with low MB to have faster streams without buffering

          1. I am using the VPN you recommended on the video. For instance, when I am using LiveNet TV Fox News it buffers a lot then completely freezes. As I said my internet connection using the Fire TV Setting then Network shows Signal Strength: Very Good and Channel 161 Quality: Good. My download speed is 112.000 Mbps and my upload speed is 11.196 Mbps. When I stream Netflix or Prime Video outside the FIre Stick appd I get no buffering or freezing.

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