How To Reset A Firestick | Easy Step-by-Step Guide in 1-Minute

How to Reset Firestick

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How To Reset A Firestick | Step-by-Step Guide

If you simply want to just restart your firestick so it boots up again with everything loaded as normal, just unplug it from the outlet in the wall and plug it back in. Or – on your firestick just go to Settings -> My Fire TV -> Restart. This will reboot it back up to fix any glitches. However, if you want to do a hard reset of the firestick to fix any major issues such as malware, storage space or just wanting a fresh start – please read on.

In this article, we are sharing a few methods, and for the first method, we are going to restore the Firestick remote, and in the second method, we just do a factory reset. But make sure you perform the second procedure only under the worst-case scenario as it will delete all the Apps, Settings, and Downloaded files along with other things from the device entirely.

By following these methods, you will get many benefits like the apps will run more smoothly as it removes all the residual files, junk/cache memory that was being created by those installed apps during use. Moreover, it also deletes the downloaded data with app backup that you downloaded with Downloader if you jailbroke your firestick.

This way, you will be able to save a huge amount of space on the storage and keep your device cleaner and faster than it was before. The reason is simple. When the storage is full, the Firestick device faces Overheating and Buffering issues and several other problems. So it may be wise to be selective with the best firestick apps such as side-loading Kodi when loading your device.

Also, ensure that once you do a factory reset, you will have to reset the device again. If you forgot the steps to do so, then we are here to provide you a Step-by-Step Guide for How To Reset Firestick. But first, let us see the benefits of resetting a Firestick before performing a full reset. So let’s dive in!

Benefits of Resetting A Firestick

Amazon has always been the hot topic of discussion for the past few years. It has a diversified work-frame in multiple services that are no longer limited to only provide an online platform for the sale and purchase of goods. One of the new recently updated options offered by Amazon is the Fire TV application, which turns your TV into Smart TV.

This is done by installing software that stimulates multimedia content players through streaming with a 4K resolution support, in addition to allowing you to pair your smartphone with that platform. Another remarkable option in the Amazon Firestick is that it can be paired to the PC through Windows 10, where you just need to log in to your Amazon account on both devices and connect to the same network wifi.

However, there may arise cases where the account’s default settings persistent in the new headstart may cause some issues while handling the application, because of which a complete reset is required. It is done by making use of Factory Defaults and Reset Values.

Just like any other device, the Amazon Firestick applications are subjected to face errors in specific circumstances which cause them to be stuck at one screen, bugs, black screens, random applications opening, that prevents the application uses or overuse of memory.

These problems could easily be resolved with a simple factory reset option, which leaves us with the benefits given below:

  • Reclaim Space: As we have already discussed earlier, the regular use of service and applications through streaming causes a progressive accumulation of data and information that gets saved into the device memory. This information often doesn’t get eliminated after the application is deleted, and gradually the saturation of memory is done, and the problem is resolved quickly for Firestick.
  • Improve Performance: The information saturation in the applications can also cause your streaming media devices like Smart TV’s make use of that extra space for more resources, so we can contribute to more TV optimization by removing all the unnecessary information.
  • Remove Virus: Malwares are present in many different forms. In case if there is any vulnerability attack by adding any external device or downloading any suspicious file from the internet, resetting the device to its default values will help in eliminating all the corrupted data and information in the memory.

Doing a complete factory reset of the Firestick device will deregister your Amazon account and make it look as if you purchased a brand new device. You will have to start from scratch, including connecting it to your wifi, pairing your remote, downloading applications, adding Amazon credentials, and similar things.

How To Reset A Firestick

Since we have already discussed above the two methods of How To Reset Firestick, so here we are going to share the first method, i.e., unpairing remote and then pairing it again. But don’t forget to go through the steps carefully, or else you may not be able to restore the Firestick remote properly.

Steps 1 (Unpairing Remote):

  1. Go to the Firestick 4K Home Screen and press down the Left + Menu + Back Button all together.
  • Wait for 30 seconds and then unplug the Firestick device from the TV’s HDMI port
  • After removing the Firestick device, remove the remote batteries and wait for another 60 seconds
  • Get the Firestick device and plug it in again. Insert the remote batteries again and Reboot your TV.
  • Once the Firestick Home Screen appears, press and hold the Home button for another 40 seconds.
  • After everything is done, you need to wait for another 60 seconds until the process completes. Then, try to use the paired Firestick remote again and check if it’s working.

If the remote starts working, then you are all set. However, if it’s still unprogressive then just follow the second procedure discussed below.

Step 2 (Reset To Factory Defaults):

In case your luck doesn’t work for the process given above, then this method is the last option left. In this process, you will have to do a complete factory reset of your Firestick device.

Here are the steps to do a factory reset:

  1. Turn on your Amazon Firestick device and hold in the Home Screen.
  2. Now bring your Firestick remote and press & hold the Back Button + Right Navigation Key for a few seconds.
  3. After that, you will see a popup notification on your screen saying ‘Your Fire TV Stick 4K is Powering Off.
  4. You will then see the device will shut down and remove everything inside it, so wait patiently until the process is complete.

After the process completion, the Firestick will reboot and you will notice a screen asking you for a setup. Now, you just need to follow the instructions displayed on the screen and then pair the remote in the next process.


There are few quick and easy steps to reset a Firestick remote if you are facing trouble. The methods that we shared here are quite simple and can be easily performed by anyone with a little knowledge of tech. Still, if you have any other queries about How To Reset Firestick, then you can visit our website.

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