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VidGo Review

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The best thing you can do with your cable box is just replace it with Live Streaming TV. We are here to talk about a cable replacement option Vidgo TV. Vidgo offers 4 different plans, two for English language users and two for Spanish speakers. Enjoy streaming on multiple devices with a single user profile.

What is Vidgo?

The streaming market is filling up nowadays with a lot of streaming devices. Vidgo TV recently entered the streaming tv market. It was launched in December of 2019. Vidgo TV offers viewers over 65 streaming channel services. All the channels include kids' entertainment, news, lifestyle, and sports.

A wide range of streaming choices is offered for college sports enthusiasts in this upcoming happening market. It provides streaming of various major sports events occurring in the US. Its dozen of sports channels attract sportspersons to watch their favorite college sports events and professional events.

Spanish viewers are also being prioritized to watch the shows in their mother tongue. However, one big issue with their streaming platform is that they do not allow viewers to record the watching content. But you can watch content on viewers' demand by TV everywhere option.

The video quality of this device is a bit average when compared to its competitors. They also don't give you a free first-month trial. Instead, they provide you a huge discounted offer on a first-month subscription.

Vidgo Pricing & Channels

Vidgo was launched at fair pricing as of now. They charged $40 per month for a one-month subscription to English channels. Now they charge a much higher price as compared to its previous offering. $55 for a monthly subscription includes eighty-eight English channels. $20 per month for a twenty-nine Spanish channel plan. Their plan cost is comparable with the competitors. Their video quality is average and does not pay justice to its viewers.

When I went through their website, I learned they are tied with local retailer stores and cell phone resellers. These vendors offer prepaid options to their customers, so the underprivileged ones also get to enjoy the live streaming services.

Philo, one of the Vidgo competitors, has the upper hand in the price segment. But it doesn't provide streaming services of live sports and news channels. On the other hand, Sling TV matches their plan with Vidgo's lineup on a $45 monthly subscription. But in comparison, Vidgo is a little far ahead of both its competitors.

Hulu with Live streaming and Youtube plan costs $65. It is a full cable replacement plan. This plan pays off a decent quality job with local and regional channels.

Plan: CORE

Price: USD $45

TV Channel Count: 63+

Plan: PLUS

Price: USD $55

TV Channel Count: 80+


Price: USD $20

TV Channel Count: 14+


Price: USD $30

TV Channel Count: 31+

Vidgo, instead of giving a free trial to their customer, provides them an offer to pay $10 to join for the first month. Your money will be deducted at the start of the month. Unless you opt-out of the subscription.

Vidgo lacks a crucial feature, which is DVR. In any of the plans, you don't get to record any of your content. Each plan has HD-quality video streaming.

Comparison with other LIVE TV streaming Services

Company: FuboTV

Rating: 3.8 / 5

Pricing: $64.99 and above

Number of Channels: 96+

Company: YouTube TV

Rating: 4.2 / 5

Pricing: $64.99 and above

Number of Channels: 85+

Company: Hulu + Live TV

Rating: 4 / 5

Pricing: $64.99 and above

Number of Channels: 75+

Company: Sling TV

Rating: 3.8 / 5

Pricing: $35 and above

Number of Channels: 30+

Company: Vidgo

Rating: 3.7 / 5

Pricing: $45 and above

Number of Channels: 63+

Channels available on Vidgo

Vidgo offers a long list of channels to its viewers. 60+ channels in the English core plan and additional 17+ channels in the plus plan. The core plan offers channels such as Animal Planet, Discovery, Comedy Central, Investigation Discovery, National Geographic, MTV, Lifetime, History, Viceland, Curiosity stream, and A&E. Dozens of other lifestyle channels such as Travel Channel, Aspire, and DIY Network are there on this service. There are not many options for news. Only Cheddar and Fox news are served to its viewers.

Sports Channels offered by Vidgo

Vidgo is primarily focused on its sports channel lineup as Vidgo covers both local and regional sports events. Vidgo's sports channels lineup features six ESPN sports channels, including ESPN2 and ESPN. FOX sports channels are also included: FOX Sports 1 and FOX Sports 2, Stadium and NFL Network.

Certainly, it lacks local sports network events like Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association games, and National Football League. Subscribers can unlock the local channel using the TV Everywhere option of this service. Channels like ABC and FOX can be unlocked with this feature.

NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) channels like PAC-12 Network, SEC Network, Longhorn Network, and Big Ten Network are well served to college sports enthusiasts. Vidgo TV is the only service that provides access to all these major College Sports Networks.

Family Entertainment Channels

Vidgo offers an attractive family entertainment channels lineup. Kids TV show channels such as Nickelodeon, Disney, Nick Jr, Disney XD, Disney Jr, and TeenNick are in the Kids TV segment.

Upgrading your pack to a plus plan will provide access to more additional channels like Destination America, Discovery Life, MTV2, Discover Family, MTV Classic, CMT Music, and Law and Crime Network. Viewers can add more sports channels to the list, including NFL RedZone.

Spanish Channels

Spanish-speaking subscribers also have a lot to watch. Vidgo has the finest channel lineup for Spanish-speaking viewers. The Latino plan has channels such as Discovery en Espanol, History en Espanol, Telefe, Nat Geo Mundo, Azteca America, WAP America, FOX Life, and A3CINE.

The list includes sports channels also: beIN Sports and beIN sports Espanol, TyC Sports, FOX Deportes, ESPN Deportes.

If you Upgrade your Latino plan to Latino Plus, you will get more spanish channels. Telehit Urbano, Telefórmula, Televisión Dominica, NTN24, Centroamérica TV, RCN Novelas, ¡Hola TV, and Video Rola.

Besides, the Latino package can not be merged with the core and plus plans offered by Vidgo. Therefore, if a subscriber wants to watch either of the channels, whether the English or the Spanish language channel. They need to switch between services as they can not be merged.

Miss Out Channels

Not all channels are there on Vidgo TV. There are many key channels that are not offered by Vidgo. Those channels include BBC America, NBC, Tru TV, AMC, CBS, and Cartoon Network. In comparison to other streaming services, they mostly offer all these channels.

Also, Vidgo lacks the option to add premium channels to your list. You just get what is mentioned in the plans. Cinemax, HBO, STARZ or SHOWTIME can not be added to the subscription.

Vidgo TV Supported Devices

Vidgo faced the same issue faced by every newcomer company out there trying to make their entry into the Live TV streaming industry. The number of streaming platforms are very limited out there in the market.

Besides, apps on Vidgo are also not quite a good experience. Also, the infrastructure is not well-mannered. This caused bad reviews on Vidgo's experience. But recent reviews showed a mixed response from the customers. That shows that developers are trying to fix the issues and provide users with a good experience.

Vidgo on Roku

On the Roku channel store, Vidgo is reviewed by 400+ people, and they gave an average 2.9 rating on a scale of one to five.

Vidgo on Fire TV Stick

On the Amazon Fire TV platform, it did not go well for Vidgo. About 115 people gave an average rating of 2.1 stars. Many people said the smartphone app worked well. But when it comes to the Fire TV, there is a malfunctioning channel guide. By this they meant, they can't watch Live telecasts on TV. After having these reviews on board, developers might have fixed the problem in early 2020.

Additionally, you can checkout the best firestick apps to load onto your device or even jailbreak your Fire TV Stick.

Vidgo on Apple TV

Vidgo is compatible with Apple TV. App has been optimized for TV layout, but still, youtube compatibility and social features are lacking.

Vidgo on iPhones and iPads

You might face disappointment when it comes to the iPad because the Vidgo app is not optimized for the iPad's larger screen. But the app is optimized for iPhone, and you can get an iPhone screen interface on an iPad. This app is optimized for IOS and gives you access to all streaming services.

On a scale of one to five, the IOS app got a high rating of 4.1 stars. A majority of the IOS users gave it a 5-star rating. All the negative reviews are posted before 2020, the time Vidgo was entering the market. Every recent feedback praises their service.

Vidgo on Android Phones and Tablets.

Android app is not such a success for Vidgo. It got a 3.3-star rating on google play store.

It is so common to see different perspectives of android and IOS users. Android phones have to go through a complex device ecosystem.

Usual feedback is that video is buffering very often and sometimes even fails to load streaming channels. Rating of above 4 stars usually for the streaming quality and channel selection.

Vidgo on Smart TV’s

You can find the app on the Television app store if you have Fire TV or android TV.

Vidgo on Desktops and Laptops

Vidgo is not an option to watch on a MacOS or a Windows device. You can not use Vidgo on a web browser.

Vidgo on Gaming consoles

Android-based NVIDIA Shield is the only gaming device on which you can watch Vidgo TV.

Vidgo TV features


Vidgo TV doesn't have a DVR feature, unlike other competitors. Instead, they are providing their customers with 72 hours of playback time. So, you will have 3 days for most of the channels to watch what you have missed.

Vidgo has an additional feature of Video-on-demand, so you can watch your favorite shows whenever you need.

Simultaneous streaming

Vidgo offers this feature, so you can watch streaming on 3 devices at the very same time. Only SlingTV Orange+Blue Plan, out of its competitors, can stream on 4 devices at the same time.

Besides, Vidgo does not allow the customers to make multiple profiles and watch streaming on different devices. You have to watch streaming on the same profile.

TV Everywhere

This feature enables users to watch their favorite shows whenever or wherever they want. Even if 3 streaming devices are being used at the same time. This feature gives you access to FOX and ABC. Users then can watch programming from a regional area.

Subscribers can watch 30+ channels on their apps for free with this feature.

Vidgo Pros

  • The social TV option is so appealing and useful to interact with your friends.
  • Affordable and offers to enjoy Disney-owned streaming channels like Disney Channel, ESPN.
  • 3 devices can watch streaming videos at the same time.

Vidgo Cons

  • Cloud DVR feature is not available on this platform( instead of offering 72-hour playback).
  • Also, lacking CBS and NBC.

Final Cut

Besides being the recent entrant, from negative reviews to positive feedbacks. Vidgo has come a long way to a better user experience and channel selection. Not very fair, but it offers a competitive subscription charge. You can use the app on every device except MacOS and Windows devices.

Vidgo has a long list lineup of streaming channels that include sports channels, lifestyle channels, Entertainment channels, News channels.

Vidgo should not have increased their charges. This factor is somewhere affecting Vidgo TV. Lacking some of the major features like DVR is also holding Vidgo TV back.

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