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YouTube TV Review

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Streaming media services have gained immense popularity among the audience in the last couple of years. The number of internet users opting for these services is increasing exponentially and for good reasons.

The service enables viewers to directly watch and enjoy their favourite shows or programs without any hassle on their mobile devices. It is a prominent alternative to file downloading.

One such effective mode of entertainment and information is YouTube TV.

What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is an American streaming television owned and operated by YouTube. It came into existence in the year 2017 in February. In the present scenario, YouTube TV is the presenting partner of major firms like World Series and NBA finals.

YouTube TV offers numerous facilities and services to the audience in the USA and other parts of the world. It includes on-demand video, live channels and live sports TV, cloud-based DVR from the television networks more than 85 in number.

The Big Four Broadcast Network and PBS are an example of the television network supporting YouTube TV. Furthermore, YouTube TV is a subsidiary of Google, which further is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc.

You can easily add YouTube TV onto your Amazon Fire TV Stick and load it with the best firestick apps.

Highlights of YouTube TV

In this modern era, solutions to all the needs of the people and the audience have been discovered. Many people want to ditch the wires connected to their screens and play videos on a platform having no wires. The desires of the absence of satellite subscriptions and cords have led to the establishment of YouTube TV. It is hence a wireless form of entertainment in the form of television. It has got people ridden with the issue of complicated wire systems and their arrangement.

YouTube TV is a multichannel video programming distributor or, in short, MVPD. It is a service that provides a variety of channels of television over a particular platform. For instance, in terms of traditional trends, a cable company was the most commonly preferred for Multichannel video programming.

YouTube TV can be supported by all the devices equipped with the facility of internet connection. Be it any streaming device like a mobile device, smartphones, laptops, smart television, iPad or any tablet; the consumer can avail the merits of YouTube TV by paying an affordable amount as a subscription fee.

Amazon Fire TV Stick also supports downloading of YouTube TV app along with many other apps.

Live TV is the most appealing feature of YouTube TV. People have been largely attracted to this feature, and it has paved the way for the popularity and success of YouTube TV. It stands in the top three prominent live TV services in the United States. This ranking is in terms of the number of paid subscriptions.

Unlimited cloud DVR capacity is an important feature of YouTube TV. It caters to the need of the audience to save and store a vast amount of data in digital format on a safe platform. YouTube TV serves as an effective medium because of its capacity and performance. The live TV recording can stay in the storage of YouTube TV for nine months. The Hard Disk Storage required for this facility offered by YouTube TV requires 20 Exabytes.

YouTube TV is easy to use, and along with it, it is accessible on most of the famous platforms like iOS, Smart TVs, PlayStation 4, Android and Xbox. THE YouTube TV application is required to stream the channels and watch, but it can also be used through the web on a computer. Users can customize even the TV shows, programs, series, and movies to be watched by the customer according to the audience's choice. Personalized suggestions are also an edge on YouTube TV.

The subscription of YouTube TV includes the availability of shows and programs of YouTube Originals, such as Cobra Kai. It also provides the availability of great local channels and top-notch cable networks.

YouTube TV supports video streaming up to 1080p or can expand up to a resolution of 4K. However, the standard plan has a maximum resolution of 1080p.

It has no cancellation fees or no penalties for the consumer if they want to cancel the YouTube TV subscription at any time of the month. This advantage is because no contract is binding on the customer by YouTube TV.

What is a Digital Video Recorder?

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder, and as the name suggests, its function encircles the storage of video data in the form of Digital Data. Digital Video Recorder is an electrical device that fosters the storage of video data in digital format in the disk drive, USB Flash Drive, SD memory card or other networked mass storage device. The recorded video data in DVR can be viewed and accessed through various means, including connecting DVR with a monitor or enabling access to DVR through the Internet or the medium of various local networks. The storage is done after the compression of the video that is to be stored. In the present scenario, YouTube TV is the presenting partner of major firms like World Series and NBA finals.

YouTube TV Pricing

YouTube TV is the best live TV streaming service. The YouTube TV cost is also very competitive in comparison to the other live TV streaming services. The price for getting a YouTube TV subscription is $65 for a month.

  • YouTube TV has taken a great initiative to attract potential customers. The initiative involves cutting down the price of subscriptions from $65 to $55 for one month. This cost is affordable for the customers, and the customers get attracted to this offer, which has boosted the subscription sale of YouTube TV.
  • The cost does not involve any contract for any period between the customers and YouTube TV. Hence, the customers, as well as the audience, remain free without any liability. The customers can cancel the subscription anytime they want to according to their needs.
  • Moreover, any customer willing to pay $10 more a month for the first year of subscription can benefit from a 4K resolution. After the first twelve months, the add-on cost becomes double, amounting to $20.
  • Another striking feature of the pricing policy of YouTube TV includes the absence of any installation cost to be paid by the audience.
  • YouTube TV has no hidden fees involved in any plan of subscription. There are no mysterious surcharges.
  • Unlike traditional cable TV, YouTube TV does not demand fees like DVR fees, Rental Box Fees, Cancellation Fees, Broadcast Fees, and Local Channel fees.

YouTube TV Channels

YouTube TV was established to provide most of the channels at one stop. Diverse customers come up with diverse needs expecting from a media live TV streaming service like YouTube TV. It has occupied an eminent position in this market by offering more than 85 channels at one particular channel at a monthly cost of $65 for YouTube TV. It enables 3 streams and 6 accounts per household in one subscription amount. A free trial is also available on YouTube TV, which can be cancelled anytime by the consumer hassle-free because of no contracts.

There are in total more than 85 top channels in a particular subscription of YouTube TV. The main channels among these of YouTube TV include BBC World News, Cartoon Network, CNBC World, Bravo, NBC Sports, Comedy Central, CNN, HGTV, FOX News Channel, ESPN, MLB, NFL Network, Discovery, Olympics Channel, LiveNOW from Fox, Disney Junior, Cheddar News and many more of diverse genres.

YouTube TV also has an option of Add-on networks that cover channels like Comedy Dynamics, IFC Films Unlimited, YouTube TV Entertainment Plus, NBA League Pass, TNT, Hallmark Movies Now, YouTube TV Sports Plus. Another option available on YouTube TV is Sports Plus Add-On, which offers 14 more sports networks such as beIN SPORTS, NFL RedZone, Fox Soccer Plus, and Stadium College Sports.

According to the ZIP Code provided by the consumer, there is a complete local network and channel coverage in the United States. New users can avail of the benefits of 2 weeks of free YouTube TV subscription at the beginning as a trial period offer. You can also add HBO Max, Starz or Showtime to your YouTube TV by paying some amount.

YouTube TV vs YouTube Premium

Both YouTube TV and YouTube Premium are a plan drafted by YouTube to cater to the various needs of the users and provide a competitive edge. Some users can find the decision of choosing between these two perplexing. There are some nodal things to be known before selecting between YouTube Premium and YouTube TV.

In 2014, YouTube Premium (originally called YouTube Red) was launched as a combination of YouTube and Google Play. YouTube app is a free application available on both Android phones as well as iPhones. It currently eliminates unwanted advertisements between the YouTube video or music on the YouTube app.

It enables audio in the background without obstacles while using different applications. The music and the audio continue to play even when the phone is locked or offline. YouTube Premium subscription also provides access to YouTube Music. With YouTube Premium subscription comes access to all TV shows, movies, documentaries in YouTube Originals.

Whereas, with YouTube TV, the audience can stream live television by installing the YouTube TV app. They can take full advantage of many cable channels with a wide array of interests. YouTube Premium is particularly designed to enhance the daily usage of YouTube. On the other hand, YouTube TV serves as an alternative to traditional ways of television.

Best Alternatives to YouTube TV

Some people use other platforms and mediums instead of YouTube TV as an alternative. Every live streaming medium offers diverse features along with different pricing policies. Viewers can choose among the alternatives available according to their preferences. The decision to switch to other providers can be made easier by knowing all the aspects. Some of the alternatives that people regard as solid are:-

YouTube TV vs Hulu + Live TV

YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV are both the best renowned live streaming platforms. They have a very large number of viewers all over the United States. Both these platforms have very impressive features and give tough competition to each other regarding storage, channels, skipping of commercials. Due to the head-to-head competition in YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV, choosing one from these two can be difficult.


The number of possible streams simultaneously in one particular household or different places differs in these two live-streaming platforms. YouTube enables consumers to live stream or watch television through one subscription on 3 TV devices simultaneously. Different members of the family can watch their favourite programs through different devices like smartphones and computers.

On the other hand, Hulu Live does not provide a similar facility. The simultaneous streams, which is possible through one subscription, is restricted to 2 devices. A price equalling $10 per month has to be paid along with the subscription fees of Hulu Live.


YouTube TV provides unlimited storage through the cloud DVR. It proved to be the best advantage of YouTube TV. This feature provides it with an opportunity to outshine in the competition available in the respective market. $65 subscription fees involve unlimited cloud storage in YouTube TV.

Hulu Live, on the other hand, does not provide the facility of unlimited storage. At the base price of a $65 per month subscription, the customers can store 50 hours in the cloud. This storage can run out in a short period of time if the viewer wants to store his desired shows or demand content. An upgrade of the plan is required to make YouTube TV 200 hours of storage, which users can do by paying $10 more per month.


The difference between these two live streaming platforms also lies in the prospect of channels. YouTube TV has the following channels, which Hulu Live does not have: AMC, BBC America, PBS, IFC, OWN, Sundance TV, WE TV, BBC World News, Tastemade, MLB Network, NBA TV.

However, the channels that are supported by Hulu Live and not by YouTube TV include the following channels: Boomerang, History, Lifetime and A&E. The main channels that are the foremost requirement of most of the viewers are offered by both YouTube TV and Hulu Live (ABC, Fox, CBS and NBC). To get “Sports plus” on YouTube TV, the customer can pay an amount equaling $10. Channels like GoITV, NFL RedZone, Sportsman Channel are offered in this Sports Plus add-on. Similarly, the users of Hulu can pay $11 extra to get the additional channels like Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, TVG, regional sports network and TVG2.


To get rid of the unwanted commercials in between the video playing on the Hulu Streaming Library, the consumer pays an extra amount equal to $10 a month. The Standard plan of Hulu Live does not permit skipping of commercials.

In this regard, YouTube TV earns a better position. No extra money is required to pave the path for the smooth running of the videos. The fast-forward option also has similar provisions. YouTube TV allows fast-forwarding movies, videos or any other multimedia that the user wants to watch.

YouTube TV vs Fubu TV

Fubo TV Inc is also a live streaming television service provider. It was first introduced in the year 2015 and focused on the streaming of soccer. In the beginning period of its launch, the viewers paid the amount was only $7 per month. After a period of 2 years, it became a wider platform by the inclusion of entertainment and news. There are few dissimilarities in the features and the outlook of YouTube TV and FuboTV, so learning those are essential for choosing one between these two.


Cloud DVR service is available in both these live TV streaming services providers. It enables the facility to store the video content according to the preferences and choice of the viewer in the digital format. It offers the advantage of watching your favourite show anytime after being streamed on the television channels.

YouTube is in a better position when it comes to storage in the Cloud DVR. It offers unlimited cloud DVR capacity to store shops, movies, programs or documentaries for a period of 9 months. The subscribers can enjoy their favourite media content according to their time availability. FuboTV, on the other hand, does not provide an unlimited DVR capacity of storage and is limited to 250 hours only in its family plan. With an extra payment of $5, the subscriber can upgrade the 250 hours to 1000 hours.


The base price of the plans of YouTube TV and FuboTV is $64.99. These plans are the starter level packs and can be upgraded to avail more different features. FuboTV starter package includes 111 channels and 250 hours of storage of media. Pro pack provides 1000 hours of storage as an extra facility. Next is the Elite plan, which costs $80 and offers 156 channels, 1000 hours storage, Fubo Extra and 10 streams at one particular time.

Latino Quarterly Plan costs $33 per month for 32 Spanish language channels, 3 streams at one time and 250 hours of Cloud DVR storage. It is to be paid for the period of 3 months in advance. More add-ons such as Sports Plus Package, Adventure Plus Package, International Sports Plus, Latino Plus, Rai Italia, TV5MONDE are available at FuboTV with extra payments.


The channels offered by YouTube TV and FuboTV vary to some extent. The base (starter plan) of FuboTV has some additional channels that the YouTube TV base plan does not have. Such as Accuweather, BET Jams, ESTRELLA, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, Gusto, LiveNOW from FOX, MLB Game of the week, hgtv, fox sports, beIN SPORTS, beIN SPORTS 4, beIN SPORTS 5.

YouTube TV streams some channels that FuboTV does not, such as Cartoon Network, Court TV, Dabl, FOX SOUL, LAFC. However, add ons are always available in both these providers to include more channels.


Both YouTube TV and FuboTV offer up to 3 screens for live streaming at the same time in the basic starter plan. They also allow the subscriber to create up to 6 profiles.

Pros of YouTube TV

YouTube is a very commonly used site for varied purposes, and its users range from more than 2 billion per month. At present, YouTube TV has around 3 million subscribers. It is all because of the distinguishing features that it has gained such fame and popularity.

YouTube TV Interface: The interface of YouTube TV is very user-friendly. The top-level tabs are divided into three main categories of Library, Home and Live. Users of any age can use YouTube TV's fairly simple yet effective interface. The library contains the stored media in cloud DVR; Home has all the features and lives to trend thumbnails, and Live shows the currently streaming live programs and upcoming shows that the user might be interested in.

DVR Storage: YouTube TV has the major advantage of infinite cloud storage. All the users are relieved to watch their desired content whenever they want to after it has already been telecasted. In a way, it gives the user extreme autonomy to adjust the programs according to their schedules.

No Contract: YouTube TV makes it clear to the audience that no contract is binding between them. It implies that the subscribers are free and are under no obligation, like in the case of traditional service providers. The users can cancel the subscription anytime they want to.

Channels: There are more than 85 top channels available on YouTube TV. With add-ons and better packages, Users can add more channels to this long list of channels. Users can find all genre demand content at one stop here at YouTube TV.

Cost-Effective: At a very affordable price of $65, many features are offered by YouTube TV. It does not indulge in any hidden fees.

Compatibility: YouTube TV is compatible with many devices and operates smoothly on them. Android TV, LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, Sharp Smart TV and Sony Smart TV are compatible devices. YouTube TV's streaming partners include Roku, Apple TV, FireTV and Chromecast with Google TV.

Cons of YouTube TV

No option of offline viewing: YouTube does not offer the facility of offline viewing. It acts as a major disadvantage for those who don't have an internet connection at all times.

Limited Sports Coverage: Sports content is not fully sufficient for a viewer who loves sports. It does cover all the sports channels and loses a few subscribers because of this drawback.

Non-Efficient Parental Controls: The parental controls of YouTube TV can be unlocked by tech-savvy kids very easily. It does not provide a strict or effective way of controlling and protecting the use by children.


YouTube TV is one of the best live streaming platforms in the USA, and this article was about its full-fledged review. It contains the information necessary for a viewer to consider while choosing whether to buy or not the YouTube TV subscription.

Make sure to checkout other great ways of cutting cable like installing the Kodi app on your firestick and using the best Kodi addons!

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